Lily & Dan Children’s Slippers

Last Updated on December 15, 2017

Aldi sells  a variety of slippers for the entire family during the winter months, including these Lily & Dan Children’s Comfy Slippers that I found in the Special Buy (ALDI Find) section. They are ideal as Christmas presents for young children or good for any occasion, even if the only occasion is that your child needs slippers to keep his or her feet warm.

Lily & Dan Children's Slippers

These slippers come in sizes extra small (7/8), small (9/10), medium (11/12) or large (13/1). At the time of purchase these particular slippers were only $3.99 and came in several animal designs: a lion, a penguin, or a dog.

I opted to purchase the penguin slippers in a size large (13/1) for my 6-year-old. The penguin is marketed to girls, with a small bow on its head, longer eyelashes, and pink cheeks. Its wings are floppy and look a bit like dog ears, which makes it a little confusing to identify (Is it a dog or a penguin?), but it’s also sort of endearing.

Lily & Dan Children's Slippers

On the other hand, the lion and the dog are unisex and are good for either boys or girls. It was hard to choose what animal to buy because they all looked nice.

These slippers are cute, and they are soft and comfy, according to my kid. She promptly put them on and has hardly taken them off since she got them. They have a small amount of nonskid marking on the soles, so my kid doesn’t slide all over our hardwood floors. The slippers also seem to fit pretty true to size. My daughter wears between a 12 and a 13 in children’s shoe sizes, and the size large (13/1) slippers fit her well with a little room to grow. For those who are interested, these are made in China.

The Verdict:

Aldi’s Special Buy (ALDI Find) Lily & Dan Children’s Comfy Slippers are just that — comfy and cute. They seem to fit true to size, kids like them, and you can’t beat the price. Recommended.

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