Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers (2022)

Last Updated on March 18, 2022

EDITOR’S NOTE: See the update near the bottom of this post for information how the slippers held up after a couple of months of wear. 

As I’ve gotten older and value comfort more, slippers have become a necessity for me during the colder months. My feet are rarely without slippers or cushy slipper socks. I’ve been known to bring my slippers along when I go to visit friends or family in their homes, even if they live nearby and I’m only going to be visiting for a few hours. Because my slippers get daily, all-day use, they don’t always last more than a few months.

Fortunately, Aldi can be a good store to find replacement slippers. Most recently, Aldi sold several different types of men’s and women’s slippers for about as cheap as you’ll ever find them. I picked up two different pairs of the women’s slippers.

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers cost $6.99 at the time of publication.

Here’s more information on the slippers.

  • Sizes 7/8–11/12
  • Memory foam footbed
  • Indoor/outdoor TPR outsole
  • Faux sherpa lining
  • Available in Ribbed Knit Slide, Moccasin with Cuff, or Cable Knit Slide (I bought the moccasins and the cable knit slides)
  • Made in China

These are an Aldi Find, which means they’re only in stores for a short time. Aldi won’t ship them to you.

I couldn’t decide what pair to get, so I bought two pairs. I typically wear an 8.5 or 9 in shoes, but Aldi shoes tend to run large in my experience. These slippers have combined sizes such as 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12. I slipped on the 7/8s in the store and they felt fine, so that’s what I went with. When buying slippers, I tend to err on the side of buying smaller anyway because the memory foam usually compresses after wearing them a bit, and then the fit naturally loosens up.

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Moccasin with Cuff Slippers

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

Moccasin with ribbed cuff.

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

These are the most comfortable of the two pairs of slippers I purchased. They feature a fold-down cuff and cozy faux fur lining in addition to a memory foam insole. They’re red, but when I saw them in person in the store, they have a hint of pink.

They can be worn with the cuff folded up so they keep your ankles nice and toasty, or you can fold the cuff down so they’re a more open loafer style. The cuff does not always stay folded down well, and it is especially prone to popping out on the sides toward the front of the slipper. I’m not sure if consistently wearing them folded down and repeatedly refolding them would help them maintain that shape. I’m happy with the cuff being up, though, because it keeps more of my feet and ankles warm.

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

With the cuff folded up.

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

With the cuff folded down.

One downside is that these don’t feel as cushy in the soles compared to the cable knit slide slippers, especially after wearing them for a week and squishing the memory foam down, but they’re comfortable enough. These also make a slight crinkly noise when I walk or when I squeeze the sides of the slippers with my hands, almost like there’s a bit of foam in them. My heel slides up and down inside these a little more compared to other slippers, too, and that’s even despite the fact that I sized down. Finally, the little leather-like bow ties on top of the feet don’t stay tied well. Overall, they’re not bad for the price, though.

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Cable Knit Slide Slippers

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

These feature a slip-on style and cozy faux fur lining in addition to a memory foam insole. They’re very soft and cute, and I like the hint of sparkle mixed in with the cable knit material.

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers

My initial complaint with this pair of slippers is that the soft fur-like lining is very slick, so my feet easily slip around and out of them. It doesn’t help that these have no real back to help hold my feet in.

The memory foam is also taller in the soles of these slippers compared to the moccasin-style slippers mentioned above, so I had a hard time keeping my feet balanced on top of the memory foam padding during the first few days I wore these. My feet literally kept falling off the slippers, and they were a bit of a hazard to walk in.

After wearing them for a week, the memory foam compressed enough that I no longer felt like my feet were slipping and sliding off a ledge. I feel like my feet still slide a bit toward the outside edges of these slippers rather than staying centered in them, but overall these are decent slippers for the price.

UPDATE (3/18/2022) — After a couple of months wearing these slippers, the memory foam has compressed, or the slipper material overall has stretched out, to the point that they feel pretty loose on my feet. They’re okay for keeping my feet warm if I’m sitting on the couch, but they’re not great for walking around the house or doing light chores in. Instead, I now prefer wearing some pairs of slipper socks I purchased at Aldi, which fit better than these memory foam slippers.

The Verdict:

Serra Ladies Memory Foam Slippers are inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. I bought a moccasin-style pair and a slip-on pair. They’re cute, soft, and warm. After some time wearing them, they both compressed or stretched out so that the fit is looser than I’d prefer.

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  1. I love these slippers. Mine are a yr old. I have always worn them w a heavy sock. In 2023 I found something similar but I’m sad I cant seem to find the 2022 mock ones.

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