Little Salad Bar Kosher Spears

Last Updated on March 11, 2021

Not all pickles are created equal. Some are cut, some are whole. Some come in glass jars, some come in enormous glass vats. Some are homemade, some come from the store. And some taste like they were processed in a factory months ago, while others taste like they were made fresh right in front of you.

This is the story of that last pickle.

Little Salad Bar Kosher Spears, an Aldi Special Buy (ALDI Find), come in a one-quart (32-ounce) plastic tub of 19 individual pickle spears. The package whimsically calls them “not quite a cucumber,” adding that the “fresh picked cucumbers in pickle brine” are “fresh packed … not pasteurized … from farm to container in 5 days!” The ingredients include fresh cucumbers, salt, vinegar, natural flavors, garlic, turmeric, and a few other additions.

Pickles, in general, are good for you in some ways and not others. Calorie-wise, you won’t do much better: a single spear has only four. They have no fat and only one solitary gram of carbs each. On the other hand, one of these has 210 mg of sodium, or about 9% of your daily allowance. If cutting down on salt is part of your regiment, this won’t get you there.

Taste-wise, though, there are no cons. These pickles are absolutely delightful. The packaging didn’t have to tell me they were fresh, because they¬†taste fresh. They’re crisp, flavorful, and have just the right amount of saltiness. They go great with any meal, especially ones involving burgers and fries.

I take that back: there is one con … which is that Aldi doesn’t stock them as a Regular Buy.

The Verdict:

Little Salad Bar Kosher Spears are some of the best pickles I’ve ever had. With restaurant-quality taste that comes from being straight from the farm, they make the perfect addition to any meal that calls for pickle spears. The only negative (besides the fact that they have plenty of sodium) is that they’re only available during select Special Buy (ALDI Find) rotations.

So do yourself a favor and pick up a container when you see them. Trust me. Highly recommended.


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  2. Put them in a quart jar.

  3. Love the Little Salad Bar Kosher Spears. My husband & I ate them is a week. They taste like deli pickles. Best Ever. Hope Aldi keeps them in stock.
    Also love the Cranberry Walnut Gorgonzola salad dressing in refrigerated section.

  4. Terrible packaging for removing lid. Had to cut it off..

  5. I agree that the packaging is terrible. I’ve been wrestling with the lid for a half hour, with pliers, screwdriver, and hammer, to no avail. I suppose I’ll just have to break it and transfer the contents to a proper jar.

  6. There’s a little tab you have to pull up and break off. When you close the lid be sure to press down firmly all around. Then it will snap down tight.

  7. I also love these pickles. The Aldi near my house always has them so I can get them once I start getting low. The container always works well for me. I think once you figure out that you need to lift and break off the tab before the lid will come off for the first time you will have no issues. Whe I’m ready to close the container I just set the lid on the top and push down on 1/3 of the top until it snaps in place. Then I walk my palm around the rest of the rim and it will all seal shut with a snap. I even wash the empty containers and lids and use them to store dinner leftovers. They do seal tight.

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