Bauhn Accessories Radio Alarm Clock

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE (11/27/17): Added the manual as well as updated hands-on impressions.

Bauhn Radio Alarm Clock Manual

Click the image above to download the manual.

Bauhn is an Aldi-owned electronics company out of Australia. Aldi draws from the company for much of its consumer tech, including headphones and other small devices.

Enter the unassuming alarm clock.

Bauhn Accessories Radio Alarm Clock 1

The Bauhn Accessories Radio Alarm Clock, which retailed for $12.99 when we bought it, comes in either black or white. The package includes the alarm clock itself, an AC adapter, and a manual.

The alarm clock comes with a robust suite of features, especially for the price. They include:

  • two separate alarms, each of which can be set to radio or buzzer
  • a display with light and dim settings
  • an auxiliary port, so you can listen to music from your phone or media device on the radio
  • a 5V/1A USB charging port
  • a calendar feature, so you can see the month and day at the touch of a button
  • battery backup of your settings by way of two AAA batteries (not included)

There are a lot of buttons and some of the settings aren’t entirely intuitive, so we recommend giving the manual a good look before launching into settings.

The dual alarms are a neat feature, and are easy enough to set … but there’s also a menu that appears after we set the alarm time that cycles between “1-7”, “1-5”, and “6-7”. We had no idea what this meant, because the manual says nothing about it, but after researching other alarm clocks with this feature we discovered that this can be used to set your alarm to every day (1-7), Monday-Friday (1-5), or Saturday-Sunday (6-7). So not only can the Bauhn give you an alarm, but it can also do it for just the weekdays, or just the weekends, if you want.

The auxiliary port is handled through the “source” button on the radio, which cycles through the radio and auxiliary port. It’s cool to be able to listen to my phone’s music through the radio, but it’s also worth mentioning here that the speaker is about as good as most other budget alarm clocks. That is, it’s pretty terrible. So don’t expect much more than that tinny radio sound.

The USB port is also useful, but 1 amp may or may not be a fast charge depending on your device. The battery backup is useful as well … but you’ll need your own AAA batteries, since Bauhn apparently was too cheap to include them.

Bauhn Accessories Radio Alarm Clock 2

The Bauhn alarm clock on a kid’s dresser.

One other note: the alarm clock does not come with a warranty. It’s not the biggest deal, but we do appreciate the peace of mind Aldi often brings to its electronics with a warranty, and it’s unfortunate this doesn’t have one.

On the whole, we like the clock and the features it has, but this is also one of the more complicated clocks we’ve ever seen. The buttons are not always intuitive and more than once we’ve had to stop and think about what to do to accomplish even simple tasks.

An unpleasant example of this happened one night when the alarm went off unexpectedly around midnight in one of our bedrooms. (We’re not sure why — we suspect a kid pressed a button.) Turning off an alarm is usually a very straightforward process with a clock, but in the dead of night we had a hard time figuring out what to do with the Bauhn to do more than just delay it with the snooze bar. After several minutes, we finally just unplugged the thing so we could go back to sleep.

After looking at the manual the next morning, it turned out that the fix was simple — just push the alarm button until it cycles off — but it was still frustrating not knowing what to do when we were staring at lost sleep because we didn’t know which of the eight non-snooze buttons to press or hold. Clocks should be simple and easy to use, and, judging by both our experience and the comments and e-mails we’ve gotten, this one is not.

The Verdict:

As garden variety alarm clocks go, the Bauhn Accessories Radio Alarm Clock has some nifty bells and whistles, from the auxiliary port and USB charging port to the dual alarms that can be set for weekdays or weekends. We just wish it was easier to navigate and that it came with a better speaker. We also wish it had come with a warranty. This clock was so complicated to use that after a year we got rid of it and replaced it with a clock from a thrift store.


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  1. I’m having trouble setting up my alarm clock. I was hoping you could help me.

  2. Denise Wilson-Krueger

    I need help setting this Bauhn Radio Alarm Clock. Item code 50363. Purchased at Aldi about 2 months ago. Lost the manual. Daylight Savings Time took effect today. I’ve been spending all day trying to figure it out. Please advise. Please post the manual, perhaps in a YouTube video(?) Please help. Very frustrating.

    • To set the clock:

      1. Hold down the “clock / preset” button on the far left side of the clock. The time should start flashing.
      2. To change the hour, push the “hour” button next to it until you get the desired hour.
      3. To change the minutes, push the “minute” button next to it until you get the desired minute.
      4. Push the “clock / preset” button three times until it cycles back to the time without flashing.

      Hope that helps!

      • Oh My Gosh! Thank-you so much!! I cannot believe I was up until midnight last night trying other sources; such as YouTube videos and I finally did figure it out just by guessing & trying different things. Wish there was a way to be notified via email that I had received an answer within 1 hour! I do appreciate the help, regardless, thank-you so much. This will hopefully help someone else, perhaps ME come Spring 2018 for the re-start of DST. (Daylight Savings Time) 😉

      • What a piece of crap.
        Threw it right in the trash!

    • Welcome to the club. I’m still struggling with adjusting the clock to Daylight Savings Time. This is one clock radio where you get what you pay for. In other words, not very much.

  3. *Note: I actually had to press & hold the TIME button after I pressed & held the CLOCK/PRESET button until the numbers were flashing. So, for future reference insert between #1 and #2 in the steps noted above, to also press & hold the TIME button while then proceeding to press the HOUR/Month button and then I stopped everything and repeated same procedure with the last step of pressing the MINUTE/day button to change the minutes.

    • Glad to hear that was helpful. Interestingly enough, the version of the clock I have only requires holding the clock/preset button, which causes the time to start flashing. So make of that what you will. Different versions of the same Aldi clock, possibly? (Wouldn’t be the first time — we see different variations on the Aldi weather station.)

      • Could you help me to turn the radio on? Lost my Manual!

        • The source button on the right side should do it. Push it until you see the numbers of a radio station.

          • This is a pos. #1 worst buy of 2020. It’s like the company Went out of their way to make the worst alarm clock ever. The first and last time buying bauhn product

      • I worked for hours trying to get the numbers to flash to change to daylight savings time.
        Unplug that then plugged it back in and went to the process and the numbers flashed and I changed the time with the hour and minutes and then pushed the reset button three times.

  4. I cannot change the time no matter what I do.
    I tried both methods that I read above .
    Neither one worked .
    What next ,trash can?

  5. I can’t get this thing working with batteries I’ve used 3 different types of AAA batteries and nothing.

  6. how do you set an alarm?

  7. This thing is junk. I can only set the clock and alarms if I unplug it first and “reset” it back to flashing 12:00. If I don’t, the alarm button just adjusts volume, even if I hold it down like the instructions say. Literally the day after we bought it the speaker stopped working. If I wasn’t 30 minutes away from Aldi I’d take it back. Going in the trash. I even took it apart to check all the connections and wiring with a multimeter.

  8. Great post! This alarm clock is the most complicated I’ve ever owned. I have 2 and just trying to operate the thing is a nightmare. It’s not even cheap for the price of $12, you can get an easier to use alarm clock for the same price or less at Walmart. Thanks for uploading the manual, it’s of great help.

  9. It’s a great radio. Mines White. Me personally totally ignored the manual. I it took me a few minutes until I figured it out on how it works, it also made me think on those 1-7,1-5,6-7, until it made sense. Weekend or week days off work. Get to choose your snooze days. Then I realized there was a manual to it. By that time I had already figured it out. I like it, real useful to me. I got it as a gift.

  10. I need a replacement cord. My rabbit chew through the cord

  11. This is worthless piece of ….

  12. Bauhn radio alarm clock date and time cannot be set; faulty product; need simplier clock without radio; radio poor reception. Back to store again for refund.

  13. please help me set time on my bauhn 11614 radio alarm clock thank you

  14. This is the first time I have ever owned a clock radio that is so complicated to operate. Other clocks are very straightforward so that when you push the button for time and hour, the hour can be adjusted. Why does this clock set up to operate in such a complicated manner? Who on earth created such a thing? I have had mine for more than a year and I still have not gotten the hang of it. Every time I want to do something I have to look at the manual or search for it online. I really like a lot of the Aldi products. But this one is mind-boggling.

  15. This is one of the worse alarms I bought! Why when I set it for days 1-5 it’s going off on Sunday? How do you only get it to go off mon-fri?

  16. This alarm clock is the most infuriating appliance I own. The controls either are unresponsive or perform the wrong function more often than they work properly.

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