Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad

On the Fourth of July this year, I attended a small gathering with vaccinated friends and family. We sat poolside at our hosts’ home and enjoyed burgers and hot dogs provided by the hosts, along with a potluck-style variety of side dishes and desserts brought by guests. As a sign of how popular Aldi is, several foods on the serving table were from the discount grocer. I immediately recognized one dish as one of my favorites from Aldi — a slightly sweet and crunchy chopped salad mix that’s good enough I often serve it alongside dinner or even eat it for lunch sometimes.

Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad

Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad cost $3.29 at the time of publication for an 11.1-ounce bag with a 2.25-ounce salad dressing packet.

This is a Regular Buy, which means you can find it at Aldi all year.

The package front states this contains green cabbage, kale, red cabbage, green leaf lettuce, carrots, Italian cheese, edamame, sunflower seeds, and quinoa with a sweet onion vinaigrette. Fine print on the bag says this does not contain romaine.

If you’re watching out for allergens, this contains milk, soy, and egg.

The produce has all been washed and is ready to eat, and it should simply be kept in the refrigerator until ready to serve. When you’re ready to eat it, just mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and gently toss to coat everything with the dressing.

Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad

Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

One bag contains about three servings, and a 1.5-cup serving has 190 calories, 12 grams of total fat (15% DV), 1.5 grams of saturated fat (8% DV), 10 mg of cholesterol (3% DV), 260 mg of sodium (11% DV), 16 grams of total carbohydrates (6% DV), 4 grams of dietary fiber (14% DV), 9 grams of total sugars, 7 grams of added sugars (14% DV), and 7 grams of protein.

Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad

Mixed up and ready to eat.

As I mentioned above, this is a great salad mix with a good variety of greens and veggies. The edamame, sunflower seeds, and quinoa add a nice crunch especially if you serve it immediately after mixing it together, and the cheese adds a savory touch while the vinaigrette dressing is delicious with a hint of sweetness. Overall, it’s a great combination.

The Verdict:

Little Salad Bar Sunflower Chopped Salad features a variety of greens and veggies with satisfyingly crunchy edamame, sunflower seeds, and quinoa. It’s all tossed in a mildly sweet onion vinaigrette. We love it and think it’s worth a try.

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  1. so…..i have not tried this particular blend but i have tried the sweet kale blend. too much cabbage. i can barely see the kale. really? why?

  2. I normally love these, but my last bag did not come with any of the additions. No dressing seeds or cheese.

  3. Do you know if it’s gluten free

  4. Do you know the content of the salad dressing and all the other ingredients in the bag within the salad mix

    • One of the photos above shows all the ingredients. You may have to tap or click the photo to enlarge it to read the ingredients.

  5. I eat this salad daily!!!
    Want to know where I can buy the salad dressing by itself cause sometimes I run out.
    Please why hasn’t anyone thought of selling the dressing on its own.

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