Park Street Deli Original Potato Salad

When cookout season comes along, Aldi rolls out some classic favorites such as coleslaw, pasta salad, turkey sausages for the grill, ice cream novelties, and other popular summer standbys. One of my family’s favorites is the potato salad. It’s your standard grocery store potato salad; nothing particularly special, but good enough to serve alongside some burgers or to take to a potluck barbecue.

Park Street Deli Original Potato Salad

Park Street Deli Original Potato Salad cost $3.99 for a 32-ounce (2-pound) container at the time of publication. The label states that this includes celery, sweet pickles, onions, eggs, and red bell peppers in a “blended dressing.”

This is a Seasonal Item, which means Aldi stocks it for longer than an Aldi Find, but they don’t sell it all year. Aldi usually sells this potato salad during the spring and summer seasons when people are looking for side dishes for cookouts and picnics. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that are not currently in stock at your local store.

When this is in stock, you’ll find it in the refrigerated deli aisle at Aldi. Naturally, you’ll need to keep this refrigerated.

Park Street Deli Original Potato Salad

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

If you’re looking out for allergens, this contains egg. It also contains some processed ingredients such as natural flavors and xanthan gum, along with some preservatives, but those are going to be issues with most store-bought potato salads. It also has a fair amount of sodium and some added sugars, so if you want more control over ingredients, you may prefer making a homemade potato salad.

One container has about six 1/2-cup servings. One serving has 220 calories, 15 grams of total fat (19% DV), 2.5 grams of saturated fat (13% DV), 670 mg of sodium (29% DV), 18 grams of total carbohydrates (7% DV), and 4 grams of added sugars (8% DV).

Park Street Deli Original Potato Salad

In terms of taste, this has a classic mayo and mustard dressing, but the mustard notes are not overpowering. It has decent-sized chunks of skinless potatoes mixed in with softer mashed pieces of potato, and the relish, celery, onions, and peppers add some texture and a bit of crunch. The hard-cooked eggs are there, but not in a huge quantity. I tend to like lots of hard-boiled egg in my potato and pasta salads, but you could always boil your own eggs and stir some extra into this salad if you want. Overall, this is a winner in my household when we want an easy potato salad side dish. It never lasts long.

The Verdict:

Park Street Deli Original Potato Salad is a classic side dish with a mayo and mustard dressing, with bits of egg, sweet pickles, onions, and peppers mixed in. It’s your standard grocery store potato salad, and it’s pretty good as far as store-bought potato salad goes.

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  1. peggy in kansas

    We love this potato salad! Can’t beat it.

  2. “some processed ingredients such as natural flavors…” Interesting contradiction.
    Rachael’s article briefly mentions Cole slaw. For me there is no question but that KFC Cole slaw is the very best tasting you can buy.

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