Our Favorite Fourth of July Foods at Aldi


Fourth of July food at Aldi

Independence Day is fast approaching, and for many people that means cookouts, backyard grilling, picnics, and time spent enjoying good food with family. Fortunately, you can buy everything you need for your Fourth of July cookout at Aldi.

(While you’re at Aldi, don’t forget to pick up fun non-food items for your celebration as well . . . including swimming pools, bubble blasters, trampolines, grills, smokers, and more.)

Listed below are a few of our summer food favorites from Aldi. Unless otherwise noted, these are Regular Buys that you can purchase at Aldi all year.

  1. Burgers. No Fourth of July picnic is complete without hamburgers. Aldi sells several types, and our favorites are the Regular Buy frozen ones in the blue and white bag. If you’re lucky, you might be able to pick up some limited-time Aldi Find Wahlburgers, and if you find them, don’t forget to grab a bottle of Wahlburger sauce while you’re at it.
  2. Hot dogs. For a limited-inventory grocery store, Aldi sells a decent variety of hot dogs. Our current favorite is Aldi-brand uncured beef franks, and Aldi also sells turkey dogs. Again, you might also be fortunate enough to find some Wahlburger uncured beef hot dogs, which show up at Aldi as limited-time specials.
  3. Steak. If you want something fancier than burgers and dogs for your celebration, Aldi has you covered with everything from bacon-wrapped chuck filets to strip steak, ribeyes, and top sirloin. Remember to pick up some steak sauce. Keep an eye out for the giant limited-edition Grill Master box of steaks and other meats Aldi sold recently for Father’s Day, too.
  4. Condiments. Whether you need ketchup, mustard, and relish for your hot dog, or mayo and pickle chips for your burgers, you can find condiments of all types at Aldi. We’re fans of the organic ketchup.
  5. Potato salad. Aldi sells several types of potato salad during the warmer months, ranging from basic potato salad in a large tub to smaller containers of loaded potato salad and deviled egg potato salad.
  6. Cole Slaw. You can find decent-sized tubs of cole slaw at Aldi during the warmer season only, and it’s perfect for serving on its own or for spooning atop a barbecued pulled pork sandwich. We also like to use it in fish tacos.
  7. Pasta salad. Sometimes Aldi sells ready-made pasta salad during the summer in its refrigerated section, but our favorite is the boxed Ranch pasta salad mix that is a dead ringer for name-brand Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad.
  8. Cheese. We’re not talking about just any cheese here. While Aldi sells plenty of cheese, ranging from cheese blocks to string cheese, during the summer Aldi rolls out special limited-edition stars and stripes cheese in three different flavors (cheddar, Leicester, and Wensleydale) packaged in red, white, and blue wax. Perfect for your Fourth of July charcuterie board.
  9. Chips. We’ve put several Aldi chips to the test against popular name brands, and while there is a slight difference for some, it’s not as noticeable as you might think. Aldi sells its own versions of Cheetos, Lays chips, Doritos, and sour cream and onion chips and more.
  10. Ice cream. The Aldi Find freezer units are packed with all sorts of limited-time ice cream treats during this part of the year, with some of our favorites including Arctic Bars (the Aldi version of Klondike Bars), Barq’s root beer squeezies, Italian ice, and more. But if the specials are sold out, Aldi sells plenty of year-round classics you can fall back on, such as Belmont Ice Cream in vanilla, chocolate, moose tracks, cookie dough, cookies and cream, and more. If you’re an ice cream purist and you want a treat with just a few simple ingredients try the Specially Selected Super Premium Ice Cream. Aldi also has ice cream sandwiches, drumsticks, and popsicles as well.
  11. Dessert bake mixes. Brownies are a staple at picnics. Aldi also kicks it up a notch with a mix for cookie brownie bars that is to die for. During certain times of year, you might also find lemon bar mix in your local store. If cake or cupcakes are more your thing, Aldi has cake mixes and frosting for those as well, and Aldi cake mixes recently got good marks in the Taste of Home test kitchen.
  12. Fourth of July-themed desserts. Whether it’s frozen fruit pops, iced cookies, or this limited-time cool-looking red, white, and blue gelatin parfait, Aldi has what you need to make a festive dessert table.

What are you serving on the Fourth of July this year? Let us know in the comments.

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