L’Oven Fresh Pre-Sliced Everything Bagels

Everything bagels probably emerged in the 1970s and 1980s, and bets are that they came out of New York. No one knows exactly who created them, though, and there more than a few people who claim it was their idea first. In the last few years, everything bagels have become a national pastime at bagel shops and pastry places. Grocers, too, have taken up the trend, including, famously, at Trader Joe’s, where you can get either the seasoning or the whole bagel. Aldi, never one to miss out on grocery fads, has a a seasoning of its own.

Aldi also has the bagel.

L'Oven Fresh Pre-Sliced Everything Bagels

L’Oven Fresh Everything Bagels are an Aldi Regular Buy. You can find them in stores all the time. They currently come in a bag with 6 bagels and cost $2.19. That comes out to about 37 cents a bagel. For comparison, the Trader Joe’s version runs $2.99 for the same count, or 50 cents a bagel.

L'Oven Fresh Pre-Sliced Everything Bagels

Nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

These bagels have what you would expect in terms of nutrition: a lot of carb-based calories, a little fat, and some sodium. Allergens include wheat and sesame seeds.

Aldi bagels come pre-cut. You just need to heat and toast. (Trader Joe’s bagels, it should be noted, are not pre-cut.) We tossed the Aldi bagels in the toaster and within a few minutes they were ready, and we topped them with our favored pick, cream cheese, which we had on hand following a recent Trader Joe’s bagel adventure.

L'Oven Fresh Pre-Sliced Everything Bagels

These are fine. I’m not sure the bagel itself is quite as flavorful as TJ’s bagels, but they’re decent, and the seasoning is generous. They also toast up nice and crispy, so the texture is good.

The Verdict:

The Aldi take on everything bagels is decent. We thought the bagel itself was good, if not great, with the texture we hoped for and a taste that doesn’t blow us away but is all right. We’d probably opt for the TJ’s bagel, hassle and all (since the TJ’s version isn’t precut), but these are still an adequate option to get your everything bagel fix.

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  1. Real bagels have a biteable crust. These do not. They’re just a roll with a hole.

  2. I agree 100%. I am a Bklyn NY girl and am used to bagel shops on every corner. I buy these from time to time bc it is better than no bagel. I like their 3.99 smoked salmon/lox a lot!

  3. I buy the cinnamon, will give the everything a try!

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