O’Donnells Irish Country Cream + O’Donnells Mint Chocolate

This is a guest post from Virginia regarding some of Aldi’s alcohol selection. Be aware that Aldi does not sell alcohol in all of its stores.

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Aldi cream liquors? Yes!

I was excited to see these two cream liquors in the beer/wine section of my local Aldi (Georgia). They had O’Donell’s Irish Country Cream and Mint Chocolate at $8.99 a bottle. I decided to try them both for a St. Patrick’s Day party I hosted.

The bottles are attractive and mimic other Irish cream liquors. Both 750-mL bottles have labels that state they are 14.9% ABV and are products of Ireland. They both looked similar after pouring them out to taste. (Don’t forget to put all cream liquors in the fridge after opening.)

Irish Country Cream

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I was expecting a Baileys Irish cream and got it, but with a bit more of a caramel instead of cream taste. It was a nice and smooth liquor. I could see using this with coffee or desserts.

Mint Chocolate

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This was like an adult liquid Andes mint candy! Same creaminess as the Irish Country Cream with a lovely mint chocolate flavor. The flavor was really on point, not too chocolate and not too mint. I would enjoy this on its own over ice or served over ice cream.

The Verdict:

O’Donnell’s has done a great job on these two! The price is also great as Baileys or other cream liquors are well over $10 a bottle at liquor stores. I think this is a Regular Buy item that’s always in Aldi stores, so go out and give it a try!

Virginia is a current graduate student who likes to blog about grad life, travel, and frugal living at poquitomosquito.net. She has been a loyal Aldi shopper in the three states she has lived in as a student and doesn’t think this will change when she eventually graduates.

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  1. Hmm! In May 2020 the price is $13.99

  2. You don’t have to refrigerate these cream liqueurs.

  3. When will Aldis bring back the chocolate mint? I keep looking so far nothing.

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