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Aldi is rarely the first company to sell a new product, but it certainly knows how to spot a trend when it sees one. The grocer has rolled out its own imitations of Instant Pots, Keurigs, and YETIs, just to name a few, and while the Aldi imitation isn’t always as peerless as the original, it’s usually good enough when you take into account the lower price tag.

Enter the cold brew coffee trend. Aldi has ventured into the cold brew lineup with at least two different options: the Ambiano Cold Brew Coffee System, which we last saw for about $9.99, and this more expensive, electronic model.

Ambiano Cold Brew Coffee Maker

What We Know:

The Ambiano Cold Brew Coffee Maker (product code 11548) is an ALDI Find (Special Buy), which means it’s only in stores for a short time. It retails for $39.99. While that’s a lot more than a non-electric cold brew system, like the Ambiano Cold Brew Coffee System, it’s a lot less than other electronic cold brew systems we’ve seen online.

As far as we can tell, 2019 was the debut year for this Ambiano cold brew machine, as we can’t recall or find any previous examples.

The coffee maker includes:

  • A 24-ounce BPA-free serving pitcher
  • A removable filter basket
  • A stainless steel base
  • An LED display
  • A locking lid

According to Aldi, the coffee maker has four brew strengths. It claims to be able to brew in 10 minutes, and it can be used to brew cold brew, regular iced coffee, iced lattes, and iced macchiatos. It has variable timer settings depending on how long you want or need to brew your coffee.

What We Don’t Know:

Because the coffee maker is, at the time of this post, a debut item, there’s a lot we don’t know. We don’t yet know who the manufacturer is, and we don’t know how this product performs with regard to the various coffees it can make. Finally, we don’t know how it does over the long term.

Have any experience with the Ambiano Cold Brew Coffee Maker? Feel free to share your experience in the comments.

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  1. Works much better if you cut and install (one use) paper coffee filter on top of coffee grounds.

    • Works great, didn’t use a paper filter and it help 12 tablespoons of grounds just fine. Granted it looks like it won’t be able to hold that much, rest assured it does. I found the 20 min session to be just fine.

  2. It works ok but if anybody figures out the correct water to coffee grinds ratio I’d love to know. According to the book you are supposed to do 12 tablespoons for 24 oz. of water but the filter only holds about 7 tablespoons. Could it be a misprint and it’s supposed to be teaspoons? Also box says it has a maximum 35oz but the pitcher has 2 cup, 3 cup, 5 cup, and Max measurements. 5 cups is 40 oz. Somebody has their measurements completely off.

    • I really love the ambiano cold brew coffee machine! Instead of taking 24 hours, you really can have a great cup of cold brew in 10 minutes. The first time I used it I filled the basket with coffee grounds (about 12 TB) and filled the water to the max line (about 6 cups). I brewed it for 20 minutes and it made pretty strong coffee. I drink a lot of caffeine and was still very impressed. I had another cup of the same pot but diluted it with some water. I think if you only brew for ten minutes you would have a good cup of coffee. I am currently making a full pot of concentrate (40 minute brew) and will drink it in a 2:1 ratio of water to coffee. Its smooth on its own and tastes great when you add cream and other things to it. The machine works by using a sprayer in the middle of the pot which sucks up the water and pushes into the coffee grounds basket, which then fills and drips back into the pot, over and over. Its also pretty quiet, about the same amount of noise as a traditional coffee maker. The pitcher is easy to use, everything is easy to use and easy to clean. I am very happy with my purchase. When I purchased it it was $40. I would suggest this to anyone who enjoys coffee.

      • Great review thank you for the info. I am going to try it.

      • I used the coffee maker per the instructions, and I cannot figure out how to get it to work properly. I have tried to figure out how to keep the liquid from emptying out through the valve and out the bottom of the base of the machine. If someone can explain what I’m doing wrong I would appreciate it very much.

        • Happened to me too the first time. I had overloaded the filter and ground were stuck in the valve. Now I fill the basket about 3/4 full and haven’t had a problem since. I love this machine

      • I used the coffee maker per the instructions, and I cannot figure out how to get it to work properly. I have tried to figure out how to keep the liquid from emptying out through the valve and out the bottom of the base of the machine. If someone can explain what I’m doing wrong I would appreciate it very much.

    • A metric cup is a slightly different size than an imperial. Robably enough to male the 5 ouncr difference.

  3. Agree with the other reviews here. First time I tried it out of the box, I didn’t use nearly enough coffee and the results were pretty weak, even at 40 minutes brew time. Second time I did the full measure (12 Tbsp coffee and water to the max line) and 20 minute brew – much better result, though I’ll probably use the longer brew times generally.

    My only complaint/question (and I’m about to write their customer service regarding it) is that there is always some leakage into the base, just the two ports that the pitcher “plugs into” for the pump and all. I don’t think it’ll hurt anything since those seem to be rubber sealed, but it’s a little concerning.

  4. First time we tried it we followed the instructions and used 24 oz of water and 60g of coffee and it worked great. The second time it didn’t make cold brew at all. All we got was almost clear brown water? The only thing we can find in the user manual is “lift out the drain valve to drain out the coffee/water from the pump and pipes” and “the drain valve must be reconnected after cleaning.” There are no instructions in the user manual as to where the drain valve actually is. Anyone else have this problem?

  5. As for draining and cleaning, there is a silicone dual plug on the bottom that you pull out and let the pump drain. The gently flush the pump with a slow stream of water from the faucet. 2 oz. of finely ground coffee and the max amt. of water will yield 4 cups of concentrated coffee in 40 minutes. Don’t forget to put a paper coffee filter on top of grounds, it spreads the water so it doesn’t drill holes through the grounds.

    • We’ve drained (via pulling out the plug) and flushed the machine, as well as ran cleaning cycles. I think our machine was just a dud.

  6. My machine is officially broken. It worked once. I reached out to Aldi who said they’d be happy to replace it or give me a refund.

  7. just got one for $4.99!!! Yes, they were marked down from $39.99 to $13.99 but it rang up at $4.99!

  8. I bought this coffee maker on clearrnce. The box was UNDAMAGED but when I opened it, power supply cable was torn and I can’t get it to work.

  9. I live mine, what does the LED screen mean when it says CH:LL

  10. I can’t get mine to brew. When I set timer to 20 min and press start then the time just blinks

  11. I bought it about a week ago. Recently purchased a dark roast/chicory blend. Filled water to max line, and used a little over a 1/2 cup of coffee. Brewed for 40 minutes, and I store it in a jug in the fridge. Excellent, strong, smooth coffee. I had been using a non-electric one that would have to sit all night. I think this makes as good a cup of coffee at a fraction of the time. I definitely recommend it.

  12. Got one and tried it once so far. Love it!!! It was half off. Wish I got the 4.99 deal above tho!

  13. Nikki Kennington

    Ok, so I bought one last week. I am struggling to find a good cold brew coffee blend. I have made mocha and pumpkin and neither have been very good. I can’t drink hot coffee anymore as it upsets my stomach. It has been a real challenge. Any tips or recommendations as I am ready to give up.

    • Nikki, I thought I read somewhere that using flavored coffee was not a good idea for cold brew. I’ve used a dark roast, just regular drip grind, and set the machine for 10 min. I thought it turned out pretty good. Still fine tuning!

  14. Does anyone know anything about CH:LL mode on this unit? I pressed and held the time button and this mode comes up but no way to get it out of mode without unplugging the machine.

  15. Chll mode is for adding ice cubes into the filter tray and ice brewing the previous cold brewed concentrate. Works amazing. My favorite feature.

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