Open Thread: Easy Home 360° Surround Heater

Aldi often ventures into the arena of home climate control with products such as portable and window air conditioning units, humidifiers, and a variety of heaters.

One heater Aldi sells is the Easy Home 360° Surround Heater, which looks a lot like a name-brand Honeywell heater but costs about $5 less. Surround heaters are unique in that they put out heat in all directions, as opposed to traditional fan heaters than blow warm air in just one direction.

What We Know:

Easy Home 360° Surround Heater

The Easy Home 360° Surround Heater sold for $24.99 in 2019.

Aldi sold the same 360° Surround Heater for $19.99 in 2018 and for $24.99 in 2017.

Aldi has sold other types of heaters in a range of prices through the years as well, including flame effect heaters, parabolic radiant heaters with oscillation, fan heaters, oscillating ceramic tower heaters, and wall outlet ceramic space heaters.

The 2019 Easy Home 360° Surround Heater features include:

  • Two temperature settings plus fan-only control
  • Automatic shutoff if tipped over
  • For medium size rooms of approximately 300 square feet
  • Surround heat technology for all-around warmth
  • Automatic overheat sensor
  • Easy grip handle

The 2018 Easy Home 360° Surround Heater came with a two-year warranty serviced by the home appliance company Midea. We don’t have details on the 2019 heater, but we assume it will have a similar warranty package.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tried Aldi’s Easy Home 360° Surround Heater, so we don’t know how well it works. We also don’t know specifics about any warranty the heater may come with.

Do you have experience with the Easy Home 360° Surround Heater? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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