Open Thread: Gardenline Instant-Up Gazebo

Being outside is refreshing. There’s something just nice about sitting at a picnic table on an early summer evening, when the temperature is cooling, the sun is setting, and the food is straight off the grill. Add in family or good friends, and it’s just about perfect.

Except for the bugs. Maybe it’s gnats or bees or wasps, but more likely it’s mosquitoes, out to make a dinner out of you even as you try to eat your own dinner. Mosquitoes are at their worst in the evening, when the temperature is cooling, and they’re especially bad if you’re near water, which is terrible because being near water on a summer evening is otherwise quite pleasant.

One solution is bug spray (sorry, bug candles don’t work), but another is to take the bugs out of the equation entirely. To accomplish that while also being outside, you need something that acts like a portable structure.

Like this one.

What We Know:

The Gardenline Instant-Up Gazebo (Product Code: 58435) is an Aldi Find, meaning you can only find it in stores for a limited time. At the time of this post, it costs $119.99. That’s by far the cheapest screened gazebo I can find. It’s also backed by a one-year warranty.

The gazebo is 11.46 feet long, 9.84 feet wide, and 7.38 feet tall. The interior has about 123 square feet of room.

According to Aldi, this gazebo comes pre-assembled and sets up in 60 seconds or less. It has water and UV-resistant fabric, and the sides consist of a tight weave mesh to keep pests out.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t tested this gazebo, and we don’t know who manufactures it or how well it sets up and holds up.

Have experience with this gazebo? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I want to purchase this garden line gazebo!
    Hiw do I do that?

  2. Its not fair only one store near me said they sold out ther other 4 didn’t even recieve the shipment and catch this last week the portable hammock with stand which i also Couldn’t find just arrived and sold out yesterday they are not getting there shipment on time!!!

  3. My husband bought one. They claim one man can set up in 60 seconds. After better than an hour he gave up. We then tried together and after an hour or wrestling it’s back in the bag for a return. I’m disappointed as it looks great in the picture but it won’t go up.

    • After the first time it’s easy, second time up took about two minutes. We had to take the nut off the top to get the top straightened out with the ribs. We think it’s great and it does sit up easy after you do it

  4. We have one. It’s great. First time is hard.
    After that it goes right up. Seems like they have bad directions. Had to take the top but off to put the ribs in

  5. I need help! We had such a hard time and we ended up having to set it up inside out. Now I’m not sure what to do. We’re currently camping.

    • I think it bring inside out is a manufactured defect. Mine is the same way, waiting for Monday to call customer service for replacement!

  6. LaTanya Andrews

    We bought this gazebo and it went up easily. We also have the portable hammock which my daughter & I love! We also had the chance to purchase a two seater glider which we’ve set up along with the hammock inside the gazebo. Relaxing in the night air is great now we don’t have to worry about the bugs!


  8. I literally just set one up 15 minutes ago. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT LET IT ‘POP-UP’ INSIDE OUT. It took us forever fighting with it to get it back to right way. Otherwise it is pretty nice. Now that we have it up we will make sure to out away so that it won’t open up inside out next time. Great price.

  9. Beat and faster to put up gazebo I ever had. It literally took no more than about 5 minutes and was perfect. I’ve been trying to find another one every since the storm came through and tore my top. My patio has a sort of breezeway effect so the wind is a beast to any gazebo we put up. But this one is so easy. If I ever find another one, when windy bad weather is coming, we’ll just push the sides in and the top will automatically drop. We were not home the first time to wind can through. But now we know. I want another one so bad.

  10. We had a storm come though I put 60 second gazebo down! But when I put it up Two roof poles came out of center. How do I get them back into center!/????

  11. John hoogerbrugge

    We bought this tent last year and really enjoy it. However, it took us quite some time to figure out how to set it up and take it down. Even having used it for two summers, it still takes two of us more than 60 seconds to set it up, but we are improving on that. My question, does it come with attachable/detachable side walls to keep out the rain?

  12. I bought this pop up gazebo 3 summers ago, and it went up easily in 2 minutes, according to directions. This fall the branch from an overhead tree fell through the roof, tearing a large gash through the roof, and my German Shepherd dug through the mesh to get to me (sigh), but am I throwing it out? No! I love it too much. So I bought some tent repair tape to hold me over until I can buy a new one, because I don’t want to live without it!

  13. I love it! I bought this canopy 2 years ago and it is fantastic! It is easy to pop up as promised. )Me and my husband broke so many supposedly ‘pop up’ tents.) But this one I can pop up without his help! I needed it for work purpose during the winter months and it held up to snow and ice. The wind blew it over and it was strong enough to withstand the tumble and not crumble:). Some sharp corners objects ripped the sides and eventually the roof tore by my fault. Looking to buy another one this year! It’s well worth the money and better than expensive ones I’ve purchased in the past.

  14. Lethia V. Farmer

    I LOVE this gazebo. I would love to buy another. Where can I buy it?

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