When People Think We’re Aldi

(This picture looks how we feel.)

We bend over backwards trying to remind people that we’re not Aldi. We put it on our about page, our contact page, our disclosure policy page, and even as our tagline. Nevertheless, some people still think we’re Aldi. (Either that, or they’re hoping we have some inside info!) Here is a sampling of some of the e-mails we have received (names, addresses, and phone numbers removed to protect the innocent):

From a British visitor:

Thanks for including sale of Coconut in your store. I used to buy lots of coconuts from your [LOCATION] Store. Unfortunately some coconuts are not good for use due to the reason that it becomes very smelly or bad taste.  This is either mistakes happened while procurement of the stuff. I am from a coconut producing land ([LOCATION], India) and we use lots of coconuts in our daily food/curry. When the coconut opened from its outer body and kept for long periods in the open spaces without proper storage it is possible that certainly damage can happen.  Such items you are selling through your stores. One can not distinguish it from appearance only after it opened one can understand that it is not good for human consumption.  The customer is loosing the money and Aldi has no retun policy or replacement of this bad coconut.  Last I bought 7 coconuts from the above store and 3 of them had to bin it. Whilst purchasing the stuff I enquired with your staff whether any possibility of return if it damaged.  They said No. Please consider to avoid creating losses for your customers.

From an American:

What are the casing made of that you use for the meat? I’d like to know because I can’t eat any type of pork. The meat says beef but what is the casing made of? I hope to hear back from someone soon.

From an American in the upper Midwest:

I would like to purchase two SUV Large car cover  Auto xs. 200 by 77 by 60

What Aldi store can I purchase these cover from?

I live in [LOCATION]

Can I purchase them on line?

From another American in the upper Midwest:

I absolutely love the Benner Cinnamon Spice tea so much I went back the other day to buy more for me and for some gifts.  I also wanted to pick up the other 2 kinds and try them.  I was disappointed the Aldi worker said they probably wouldn’t get any more in.  Is it possible to bring more to Aldis or can I buy it elsewhere?  I shop at the Aldi store in [LOCATION] store.

From an American:

I bought a box of the crispy breaded kirkwood chicken and opened the box to only find 3 pieces of chicken.I thought maybe it was a fluke.The following week i did the same and there was 4 drumsticks in it.how do i get a refund on my 2 boxes that i purchased?

From an American in Cleveland:

Hello my name is [NAME]. I purchased two boxes of the southern-style chicken pieces I only had three legs in one box and two chicken thighs and the other box I had four legs and one side could somebody please call me at [PHONE NUMBER] thank you

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Joshua is the Co-founder of Aldi Reviewer. He is also a writer and novelist. You can learn more about him at joshuaajohnston.com.

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  1. I love Aldi. I’ve gotten a few products I didn’t really care for but for the most part they’re very good. There are a few things I hesitate to buy usually because of price so I wanted to say thank you for doing this. Now I can check them out with you before buy them.

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