When People Think We’re Aldi, 6th Edition

Last Updated on August 7, 2022

When People Think We're Aldi

How we feel when we hear someone tells us that “This just baffles me that your quality control would let this happen!”

Since we created Aldi Reviewer, we’ve received a steady stream of emails and comments from people who think that we’re Aldi. We’re not, and we say so all over our site: on our about page, in disclosure policy page, and at the bottom of each and every page on our site. We even have a checkbox in our contact page that people have to check acknowledging that they know we’re not Aldi.

Doesn’t matter. We still get emails and comments. So we collect them. And, once a year, we publish them.

Here are the links to previous editions:

Once more, we showcase some of the messages we have received. As in years past, names, addresses, and phone numbers have been removed to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every single typo.

From an American upset about the “Belmont double pkg pie crust”:

How can one be so stupid as not to put parchment paper between the 2 pie crusts in one package????? I ruined the whole second crust trying to get these apart and yes I did thaw slightly – but needed a frozen crust for my recipe so could not that completely. Bar is code 4099100015201, purchased at Aldis 11/22/21.

This just baffles me that your quality control would let this happen!  I really don’t need a 2nd crust on the outside of my top pie pan!!

Thank you


From an American:

I have lost my sense of taste  due to Covid-19.

I  popped a fruitsour mint  into my mouth and was able to taste it!  it’s amazing when a product can jump the taste barrier.

From a commenter on the Aldi Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands: 

I bought this balance trainer at Aldi’s this week. I was all excited to try it out because I use one at the YMCA.When I took it out of the box I realized that when I filled it with air there was not a plug to keep the air in. If you could send me the plug I would like to keep It. If not I will return it.
My name is [NAME] My address is [ADDRESS].
Please let me know it you can so this.Thank You.


From someone in China:

I am [NAME] from [COMPANY] which is professional in kinds of outdoor camping items include in inflatable air mattress,self-inflatable sleeping pad,air cushions ,dry bags and so on.

I am lucky to visit your website and found we can offer inflatable air mat for you ,so write to seek chance of cooperation,can i have chance to quote and sample for you?

If want,catalog can send for your reference

Look forward to hearing from you


From someone else in China:

Hi, this is [NAME] from China for the [NAME], could you please give me email so I could send price list to you?

(NOTE: In case you didn’t notice, we sometimes get emails from overseas companies trying to pitch products to Aldi.)

From Larry:

Cauliflower bake, followed your heating instructions, and burnt them to a black crisp! Best to stay away from your products and especially your advice!!!!!!!!!!

From an American:

Believe me when I say I buy a LOT OF THIS ICE CREAM.  It is very good and very creamy.  The 5 at one time that I bought, had so much caramel in it–it was too sweet to eat. This batch of 5 (I try and buy as many as I can at one time because they are few and far between at Aldi) has NO CARAMEL IN THE 3 boxes I have recently opened. Very disappointing but I still enjoy it.  Do you have any coupons for this particular flavor?

Any compensation for the too much caramel and then no caramel would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  PLEASE RESPOND

(NOTE: We did try to respond to let them know we’re not Aldi, but the email they gave us bounced back as undeliverable.)

From an American:

Subject: Fire Hazard

The product air compressor is dangerous. on 5/16 /2022  This is the first time using this product in my new car 2021 Honda accord. This product started smoking and sparkling fire.

I was able to remove this product from my car before it was damaged. I jest a burning smell

From a Floridian:


Until 2 months ago ,I can find and buy Jamon Serrano in Aldi store in [LOCATION]

Now is impossible

Why ?

Thanks if you want give me an answer.

A customer disappointed

From an Australian:

I have one of the moon night lamps, my other children want them as well,

and I am unable to get them any where. please help to stop the fighting.Thank you.  [NAME].

From Anonymous: 

I just bought a box of Elevation Keto bars, the Chocolate Macadamia bars and there was only 3 chocolate chips in the whole box I normally buy 2 boxes a week, but, not anymore !!! I guess you are going to be like everybody else and start skimping out on your products, in order to save money, but, I like getting what I pay for !!! Shame on you !!!!

From someone in Wisconsin:

I didn’t keep the receipt sadly the lobster mac I purchased at the [LOCATION] store here in [LOCATION] it is horrible I thought I was eating I can’t even describe it was so bad just like slimy watery horrible just bad take it off the shelf I mean out of the freezer

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  1. These are almost as good as things that grade school students write for an assignment and their teachers sometimes share. Maybe you also need the checkbox in the “Leave a Reply” section that people have to check acknowledging that they know you’re not Aldi.
    And your Lobster Roll dip is very good! 😉

  2. I think the important thing I’ve learned here is that Fruitsour Minis cure COVID-19. or at least treat the symptoms. Bravo Aldi!

  3. Remember…
    Common sense isn’t so common…. 🙂

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