When People Think We’re Aldi, 4th Edition

When People Think We're Aldi

How we feel after we get a message saying “you need to fix your product.”

From the early days of our website, we’ve been getting e-mails from people who think that we’re Aldi, despite all our attempts to tell people otherwise. We mention it in our about page. We discuss it in our disclosure policy page. We even added a checkbox in our our contact page.

It hasn’t helped.

Year after year, we get e-mails. So we collect them. And, once a year, we publish them.

Here are the links to previous editions:

So once more, we present a sampling of some of the messages we have received. As before, names, addresses, and phone numbers have been removed to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every typo.

From someone in Indiana, who wrote us twice:

E-mail 1:

  • Subject line: I’m writing in regards to your Kirkwood Battered Chicken Breast Tenders that I haven’t  to pruchase,
  • Body: [blank]

E-mail 2:

  • Subject line: For which I’ll will like too have a discount  on
  • Body: Discount which when  my family and Ipurchase some of the Kickwood Chicken Nuggets fore which we enjoyed. The bag were a little smaller then the purchase request, or the litem on bag. So I’m requesting a coupon’s so when we purchase said item, that will be appreciated. / Send to my e-mail: [EMAIL], if at all possible.

From a person who subscribed to our mailing list:

stop putting your mushrooms in water cases- we can’t keep them more of one day in the refrigerator- was better when u keep them with the zucchinis & peppers – just try to help  – thanks

From someone in Florida:

I. Bought. Your. Hot. Dogs. Vegan. And. I. Did. Not. Like. Them. At. All. Very. Bad. Taste. Did. Not. Taste. Like. A. Hot. Dog. At. All. I. Would. Like. A. Refund. For. This. Item. You. Need. To. Make. It. Taste. More. Like. Hot. Dog. [NAME]. [ADDRESS] Thank. You.

From someone from somewhere:

E-mail 1: I need another battery and replacement line, can I purchase it from you? Or where can I get it?

Reply 1: We’re not Aldi, but you can contact Aldi here: www.aldi.us/contact/

E-mail 2: I know you’re not Aldi. I thought you were the manufacturer of Gardentrimmer? I’m looking for supplies for it

Reply 2: No, we’re not the manufacturer of the Gardenline trimmer, either …

From a writer in Arkansas:

My family has become a big fan of your products in the last 2 years . It appears you are a distributor for and sell CASA MAMITA Chicken and cheese Taquitos . This is a first for me to write a review. The taste is good if you are fortunate enough to get any meat and cheese. You are selling the public a rolled tortilla with no meat and cheese. I cooked a box of 15 large ( net weight 22.5 oz ) . After eating one I started breaking and splitting the other 14 . The results were 100% consistent. Get a box and test it for yourself. You might want the manufacture to step up and make the product correctly . Thanks [NAME]

From someone:

On Friday August 9th. My family and I went to our weekly grocery shopping trip. My daughter asked if we could get shrimp and I decided yes! Why not! We bought your Fremont fish market cooked shrimp ring that is labeled “ tail on, peeled and deveined” around 14 of them needed to be deveined. It was really gross how bad most of them were. If I bought ones that required myself or husband to devein them I wouldn’t be messaging you currently about the situation. I very grossed out and uneasy about this. Is this your quality standard? I look forward to speaking with someone soon.

From someone with a very long last name:

Subject line: Mama Cozzi ‘s 3 cheese baked pizza was an inferior pizza. The stone baked pizza u recently had in Ocean County Aldi stores was a superior product and does not  appear in your stores. I will go elsewhere for many products and wonder why u do not carry lamb?

Message: My message was above.

From a really unhappy person:

Your company is a laugh.  A disgrace. Taking peoples hard earned money for [EXPLETIVE].  Your product does not clean. Maybe rich people eat out alot or order take-out.  Because I am sure they don’t need to clean plates, pots or pans  Check out my Facebook page … Stop ripping people off who work hard for their money and end up starving themselves to feed their children. And spend money on products that don’t work worth a [EXPLETIVE].

From … well, you’ll see:

Dear Sirs,

We manufacture toilet tissue, jumbo toilet tissue, paper napkin and paper hand towel in China. You can visit following our website to know more about us and following price is for your reference.

  1. Jumbo toilet tissue,White,2ply,300mx90mm, 14gsm, 8 rolls/case, Virgin grade

====>USD10.00/case FOB [LOCATION],China  About 1700 cases per 40’HC

  1. Toilet tissue,White,2ply,100mmx105mm, 400sheets/roll, individually wrapped, 48 rolls/case, Virgin grade

=====>USD9.80/case FOB [LOCATION],China  About 1050 cases 40’HC

  1. Z fold paper hand towel, White,1ply, 23cmx23cm, 200sheets/pack, 20 packs/case, Virgin grade

=====>USD12.80/case FOB [LOCATION],China  About 1600 cases per 40’HC

  1. V-fold paper hand towel,White, 1ply, 23cmx26cm, 200sheets/pack, 18packs/case, Virgin grade

====>USD13.00/case FOB [LOCATION],China  About 1300 cases per 40’HC

  1. Centrefeed roll towel,White,1ply, 300mx19cm, 6 rolls/case, Virgin grade

====>USD13.00/case FOB [LOCATION],China  About 1600 cases per 40’HC

We look forward to your early reply.



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