When People Think We’re Aldi, 2nd edition

When People Think We're Aldi

How we feel after we get a message saying “could you ship this to me?”

A while back, we posted a collection of e-mails we’ve received from people who think we’re Aldi. This is in spite of the face that our about page, our contact page, our disclosure policy page, and our tagline all go to great lengths to note that we’re not Aldi.

We still get e-mails.

Here, again, is a sampling of some of the message we have received. As before, names, addresses, and phone numbers have been removed to protect the innocent. We have, however, left in every typo.

From someone in Michigan:

Will you kindly stock Stonemill Essentials (Country Herb Grinder) at the [ADDRESS] Store in [CITY]? Nice addition of Aldi! I previously purchased the above item at Aldi & loved it! My email is: [E-MAIL]. Thank You Kindly! [NAME]
P.S. Aldi is my favorite store [ADDRESS] store reopens on [DATE]!

From someone else in Michigan:


I am a student in the university of [SCHOOL] and working on the inventory system of ALDI store as my academic project. i needed some assistance from your side regarding how the inventory system of ALDI works , and how much and when do they order vegetables and toilet papers each week?

thank you.

From someone in North Carolina:

Can I please be contacted via e-mail or phone [PHONE NUMBER] when the Aldi Holiday Tea becomes available I am very interested in buy in bulk if possible this so very hard to find time and I am told it is seasonal and can only be bought at Aldi at Holiday time. I have put forth every effort to get this tea PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NOTIFY ME: e-mail [E-MAIL] ASAP Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

From an American in Indiana:

We need one of these stores in [LOCATION] In.we have no grocery store in our town.you would get alot of business cause we are 10 minutes from a Toyota plant. I shop at your store in [LOCATION] Indiana every friday.havent found anything that I don’t like.

From an American:

I enjoy all Aldi products, I shop there all the time. Today I tried your ice cream for the first time.. I must say I was quit disappointed. Although the ice cream  tasted pretty good. I was disappointed to see there was approximately 2 teaspoons of the chocolate tracks on a 1.5 quart container .Perhaps there was a malfunction in the process. I was hoping that you were as good as blue bunny tracks ice cream, but that may be asking too much. Now im hesitating to try any of your other ice creams.

From another American:

I try very hard to reduce packaging, but I got suckered into buying Little Salad Bar Pineapple Poblano Guacamole.  Even though it was in a plastic dish (which I would recycle, but I would rather “reduce” packaging) I bought it because it sounded so good.  Actually, it’s delicious, good natural ingredients.  However, the false bottom, almost like a donut hole, on the plastic dish makes one think that one is getting more product than is actually contained.  Waste of plastic, deceptive, and I will not but your product again.  Can’t you just be honest and upfront instead of wasteful (a lot of plastic for very little food) and deceptive? You may get away with it sometimes for those who don’t care, but it will back-fire on you by those who put thought into their purchases.

From someone in England:

I bought the festoon lights as a christmas present for my daughter.  She has just got home to London and there is a cover missing off one of the lights.  I have looked and I havnt got a receipt but it does clearly say Aldi on the box.  Can I either get a replacement cover or a replacement set of lights please

From… someone:

your heat and serve sausage links (breakfast best) had several packages with 7 to 9 links (packages state 10) ……..shame on you. Your quality control needs help.   I’m not paying for less than stated number…………………

And someone else:

Ur kirkwood chicken patties r the suckiest thing on earth even people with teeth cant chew them they get ao tough in the microwave after 2 mins its sicking  would never never by that tough garbage again baquet chicken r the best

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  1. These are hilarious! Thanks for sharing lol!

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