Royal Class Men’s Stretch Braided Belt

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Aldi clothes have proven to be a hit or miss around here. Sometimes we get a pair of shoes or a jacket that fit the bill just right. Other times, more often than not, we run into, say, a dress or swimsuit that doesn’t fit right. Clothes for women seem to be the most prone to being off, but all of the clothes feel like a game of roulette.

Belts are among the simplest forms of apparel. They involve fewer lines, stitches, and fabric than, say a shirt. I have one experience with Aldi belts and it is a good one: several years ago, I purchased the Royal Class Men’s Premium Leather Belt, and that dress belt served me well for a long time until it wore out under several-times-a-week use.

Recently, I saw belts back in stock at Aldi. Not dress belts this time, but something more casual. I thought them interesting enough to grab a pair.

Royal Class Men's Stretch Braided Belt

The Royal Class Men’s Stretch Braided Belt (Product Code: 829758) is an Aldi Find. You can only find it in stores for a short time, and once it’s gone, you won’t be able to get it until it comes back to stores, whenever that might be. You can’t order it online if it’s sold out at your local store.

At the time of publication, this belt retailed for $6.99. That’s on the low end of prices compared to what I could find online. The belt was available in three colors: 1) leather brown / cognac, 2) navy / brown, and 3) black. The belt came in sizes ranging from medium to extra large. The medium I picked up measured 43.3 inches, which was about right for my 32-inch waistline pants. I also picked up a large for comparison, which was definitely too big for me.

The package notes that the belt trims are “non-leather” and that the belts are made in China. There isn’t any other information about who makes them and there’s no warranty. A tag on the inside of the belt says the belt itself is 78% polypropylene, a plastic, and 22% elastodiene, a synthetic fiber. The trimming is 100% polypropylene.

Royal Class Men's Stretch Braided Belt

Navy / brown in medium (top) and leather brown / cognac in large (bottom)

As I’d hoped, they’re not bad. They are rigid enough to thread through pants loops without trouble but also have some twist and flex. The size works and while there is some elastic give, it also goes taut enough to do its job, which is holding pants up. I have no idea how long the belt will last, but it’s a promising beginning.

The Verdict:

The Royal Class Men’s Stretch Braided Belt is a nice-looking belt that has some potential with casual clothes. It threads through belt loops nicely and seems to have a decent build quality. Time will tell on durability, and there’s no warranty, but the first impressions are good.

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  1. What peeves me off about Aldi is that about three years ago that had Men’s shoes upto and including size 12, but know the maximum size is 11 – both my sons and son in law are size 12 and can no longer buy shoes at Aldi

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