Serra Ladies Wedge Booties

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With fall in full swing and the holidays approaching, Aldi has started releasing some iconic clothing and accessories that are perfect to wear during this season. Among the Aldi Finds this week were slippers, sweatshirt dresses, and, of course, wedge boots. I own multiple pairs of boots that I wear often during the cooler months of year, but I saw a new-to-me pair of boots in the Aldi ad this week.

Serra Ladies Wedge Booties

The Serra Ladies Wedge Booties are an Aldi Find, meaning they’re only in stores for a limited time, and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that are not currently in stock at your local store.

Two styles were offered, either all black or brown and gray. I went with the brown and gray, which had a more outdoorsy look to them, though I don’t recommend going for a hike in heels.

Serra Ladies Wedge Booties

They cost $16.99 at the time of publication, which is way cheaper than anywhere else I could find. Amazon and Target prices range from $40-60.

The package advertises:

  • A lace-up closure
  • Invisible wedge
  • Durable outsole
  • 2.2” wedge height

Serra Ladies Wedge Booties

The boots are available in sizes 6-10. Aldi has always seemed to have limited sizing with all of their apparel, including shoes, so it didn’t come as a surprise that there are no half sizes. I normally wear an 8.5, so I had to size up to a 9. I’ve sized down before as well to an 8, but sometimes I have to fight to get the shoe on. The 9s were easy to get into, and they stayed on easily. They fit almost the same as some of the 8.5 shoes I own.

Serra Ladies Wedge Booties

Obviously, if you aren’t used to walking in heels, these take some getting used to. My biggest goal while testing these was to avoid twisting an ankle. Despite their appearance, these are very much fashion boots rather than practical walking boots.

Sometimes quality can be a concern with Aldi footwear. This revealed itself right out of the box. The fabric and bottom of the shoe around the toe area is already starting to separate. Maybe nothing will come out of it, but we’ll see what happens as I continue to wear these.

Serra Ladies Wedge Booties

As for my personal opinion, I’m pretty happy with these shoes. Just walking around in them, they’re surprisingly comfortable. And while they’re not tennis shoes, they aren’t so formal you can’t wear them while running errands. The heel is taller than most of the heels I’ve worn in my life, but it isn’t to the point where it is impractical.

The Verdict:

The Serra Ladies Wedge Booties are an Aldi Find, and I feel they are well worth the low price point. I’m interested to see how they hold up through the winter, but for the time being, I’m impressed.

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