Serra Lounge Wear Ladies 2-Pack Slipper Socks

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: See our update toward the end of this post for information on how the slipper socks held up. 

I go through house slippers quickly because — working from home — I wear them almost all day, almost every day. During the winter, they’re a must-have or my feet get too cold.

I like slippers with a rubber sole that allow me to make quick trips outdoors to fetch the mail or trash bins; they’re more like house shoes. But many of those types of slippers don’t breathe well, so feet can easily get sweaty, and because most of these slippers aren’t machine washable, eventually it gets hard to control odors in the slippers even using sprays, baking powder, etc. So I end up replacing these kinds of slippers frequently.

I replaced some older slippers with a couple of Aldi slippers this past winter, and after a few weeks of regular wear, the memory foam in the Aldi slippers compressed or stretched out enough that they flopped around a lot on my feet, making trips down the basement stairs to the laundry room treacherous.

I finally decided maybe it would be better to stick with slipper socks, which keep my feet warm and are breathable, and they’re machine washable. The only downside is that they don’t have rubber soles for making brief walks down the driveway. Aldi sold some two-packs of slipper socks recently, so I bought some to add to my slipper sock collection.

Serra Lounge Wear Ladies 2-Pack Slipper Socks

The Serra Lounge Wear Ladies 2-Pack Slipper Socks cost $8.99 at the time of publication, which comes out to about $4.50 per pair of socks.

These are an Aldi Find, so they’re only in stores for a short time. You can’t order them online from Aldi after they sell out at your local store.

Here’s more information about the slipper socks, according to Aldi:

  • Available in ladies’ sizes 4–10 (one size fits all)
  • Designs include Giraffe/Zebra, Tiger/Sloth, Dog/Snowflake, Owl/Sheep, Cat/Bunny, Dog/Stripes, or Rainbow/Bee (I bought the Owl/Sheep pack)
  • Features comfort fit and a “ribbed leg”
  • Made of 79% polyester, 20% nylon, 1% elastane exclusion of decoration; lining is 100% polyester
  • OEKO-TEX certified
  • Made in China

The slipper socks should be washed before wearing. They can be machine washed in cold water with like colors. Do not tumble dry; instead, these should be line dried or air dried. Do not iron them.

These slipper socks are warm and cozy. The designs are cute, and I appreciate that they have the little rubber dots on the soles to help prevent slipping.

Serra Lounge Wear Ladies 2-Pack Slipper Socks

Sheep slipper socks, plus a cameo appearance by one of the Aldi Reviewer Cat’s paws. (She likes to supervise whenever we’re researching Aldi products.)

The slipper socks don’t feel as well made as ones I recently purchased from Target for nearly twice the cost. They feel looser around the back where my feet go into them.

Serra Lounge Wear Ladies 2-Pack Slipper Socks

Side view.

The lining is not secured in place either, so the socks can easily get turned inside out in strange ways, and it feels like the lining may sometimes slide around against the outer layer when I’m walking. I don’t think it will cause any problems with slipping or stability while walking, but in terms of construction these feel more basic and cheap.

Serra Lounge Wear Ladies 2-Pack Slipper Socks

Owl slipper socks.

Overall, these are decent for the price and I think I’ll be able to use them until they wear out. One thing that remains to be seen is how long these slipper socks last. I’ve purchased slipper socks from Aldi in the past that grew threadbare on the soles after just a week or two of wear. I’m hoping these are good for longer.

UPDATE (4/22/2022) — The pom-pom nose fell off one of the sheep slipper socks after I had these for a week (and I didn’t wear them every day that week). After a trip or two through the washing machine (always being sure to air dry these slipper socks), the ear started to fall off one of the owl slipper socks. The socks are still functional, but their decorations and embellishments are having some trouble staying attached, and I haven’t even owned these for long.

The Verdict:

Serra Lounge Wear Ladies 2-Pack Slipper Socks come in cute designs and are cozy and warm. They’re not as well constructed as some other slipper socks that cost more, but they’ll do the job.

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