Southern Grove Mountain Trail Mix + Southern Grove Adventure Trail Mix

I’m a big fan of trail mix. Trail mix contains a healthy mix of fruits and nuts, which provide both protein and carbohydrates … both of which are helpful for those long outdoor outings. I personally love packing the stuff for camping excursions, especially as trail mix usually keeps well outside (unless it includes chocolate and the weather gets very hot, in which case a cooler is invaluable) and can be packed easily for travel.

Oh, and it tastes good, which is a nice bonus.

There are a number of different kinds of trail mix. My personal favorites involve chocolate, which Aldi dutifully provides in a couple of mixes.

Southern Grove Mountain Trail Mix

Southern Grove Mountain Trail Mix

Southern Grove Mountain Trail Mix is an Aldi Regular Buy. It contains a mix of raisins, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and “milk chocolate candies,” or what most of the world knows as “generic M&Ms.” Prices can fluctuate, but we found the price of the Aldi mix to be about the same as our local¬†Walmart Great Value Mountain Trail Mix. At the time we bought it, the Aldi mix came in a 26-ounce bag.

This mix is really good, and — to me, at least — tastes pretty much like any other mountain-style trail mix I’ve had. The balance of fruits, nuts, and chocolates is good, and everything tastes right.

Southern Grove Adventure Trail Mix

Southern Grove Adventure Trail Mix

Like the Mountain Mix, the Southern Grove Adventure Trail Mix is an Aldi Regular Buy. At the time we bought it, it came in a 13-ounce bag, which we purchased as part of our Aldi Instacart test. It’s a concoction of almonds, peanut butter cups, dried cherries, and cashews.

And it tastes great. The cherries are similar to raisins in their taste and texture, while the peanut butter cups add a nice bit of salty and sweet to what is already a solid salty and sweet mixture.

The Verdict:

I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about Aldi trail mixes. They taste as good as any other trail mixes I’ve had, and the prices are at least competitive with other places. While you will have to guard against your kids picking out all the chocolates, as a whole these are winners, especially for those outdoor journeys when you need a combination of proteins and carbs. Recommended.

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  1. The Seed & Raisin variety of Aldi Trail Mix is sooo salty I had to throw it in the trash. Love Aldi but they missed the mark on this recipe in my opinion.

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