Trader Joe’s Mango Cream Bars

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Mangos are some of my favorite fruits. They’re sweet and tasty, and best of all, they’re pretty healthy, too. I like them fresh, but I’ll also eat frozen ones in smoothies or homemade sorbet. And I’ll definitely try them if they’re part of a dessert.

When I found these Trader Joe’s Mango Cream Bars, I got them to try out.

Trader Joe's Mango Cream Bars

Trader Joe’s Mango Cream Bars can be found in the store’s frozen section. They come in a 15-ounce box with 6 bars and currently cost $3.49. That comes out to about 58 cents a bar or 23 cents an ounce. Similar mango bars I saw at Walmart were between 27 and 54 cents an ounce, so these look like they’re on the cheaper end.

These consist of vanilla ice cream covered in a mango sorbet, similar to an orange creamsicle popsicle. TJ’s doesn’t currently sell this type of bar in any other flavors.

Trader Joe's Mango Cream Bars

Each box has three servings. One serving has 220 calories and 26 grams of added sugars, but the box says that each serving size is two bars, so if you’re eating just one bar, each bar has 110 calories and 13 grams of added sugars. One bar also has 5 grams of total fat, 3 grams of saturated fat, 18 grams of total carbohydrates, 15.5 grams of total sugars, and 13 grams of added sugars.

They contain two allergens: milk and egg. They also contain some processed ingredients such as gums and carrageenan.

Trader Joe's Mango Cream Bars

We liked these bars. They’re sweet like mango with just a little bit of tartness, and they have a little ice cream in the center. They serving size is two bars, but we thought one bar was a nice enough dessert by itself.

The Verdict:

These bars are good. They are tasty, both with the mango and the ice cream, and the price is good. My only complaint is that these can be messy when the mango sorbet on the outside starts to melt, which happens with almost all popsicles that are on sticks, so these may be better to eat over a bowl or plate, especially if it’s hot.

Other than that, they were fun to try out, and they taste good. These would be a fun thing to get for summer to enjoy at a picnic or the pool. I would buy them again.

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