Trader Joe’s Petite Bouquet Cut Flowers

Trader Joe's flowers

Just a few of the flowers you may find at Trader Joe’s.

Flowers are one of the first things you see when you walk into any Trader Joe’s store — which happens to be a cousin to Aldi. It’s one of my favorite parts of shopping at Trader Joe’s, besides all the unique and delicious foods. The stores’ entryways are bursting with colorful orchids of all sizes, along with daisies, roses, and more. You can even find daffodils and hyacinth in the spring and mums in the fall.

If you’re in the market for flowers, Trader Joe’s has got them. Whether you want cut flowers in a bouquet that you can gift or pop into a vase at home, or whether you want a potted houseplant for a sunny window or a table centerpiece, TJ’s has you covered.

During a recent visit to Trader Joe’s for some shawarma chicken, Chantilly cream vanilla cake, and Kalua pork spring rolls, I was tempted to pick up a petite bouquet of cut flowers.

Trader Joe's Petite Bouquet

A Le Petit Bouquet or Petite Bouquet from Trader Joe’s cost $3.99 at the time of publication. The flower arrangement I purchased was a product of Colombia, and it included roses, daisies, dianthus or sweet William, lilies, and some other flowers I wasn’t quite sure of. It was an arrangement with a good amount of variety.

Trader Joe's Petite Bouquet

TJ’s Petite Bouquet in its store wrapper.

When I got them home, I unwrapped them from their plastic covering and found a nice vase for them.

Trader Joe's Petite Bouquet

TJ’s bouquet out of the wrapper.

Because it’s a smaller-sized bouquet, you’ll want a smaller vase. I found a vase that originally contained a hyacinth in water from Aldi, and it fit the petite bouquet perfectly.

Trader Joe's Petite Bouquet

Trader Joe’s Petite Bouquet, with the Aldi Reviewer Cat snoozing in the background.

Tucked in among the flower stems was a small packet of plant food that dissolves when emptied into a vase with water. The packet says to add the plant food to one pint of water, and trim off one inch of the flower stems before placing the flowers in a vase with the water and plant food mixture. The plant food is biodegradable and manufactured by FloraLife, which bills itself as “a floral industry pioneer in post-harvest care and handling of fresh cut flowers.” In essence, they seek to innovate and develop ways to help your fresh cut flowers stay fresh and last as long as possible after you purchase them in the store. FloraLife is a division of Smithers-Oasis, an Ohio-based manufacturer or floral industry products.

Trader Joe's Petite Bouquet

Plant food that came with my Trader Joe’s Petite Bouquet.

Once I got them settled in their vase with water and plant food, this was a nice-looking collection of flowers. I peeled off a few slightly bruised outer petals on the roses (and tossed them in my compost bin), and they eventually opened up nicely. The dianthus or sweet William had not fully bloomed when I purchased the bouquet, but they gradually opened as well. I appreciated how everything wasn’t in full bloom yet, giving me ample opportunity to enjoy the flowers at their peak in my own home.

Trader Joe's Petite Bouquet

One of the best parts about this petite bouquet was how long it lasted. I got a solid two weeks out of it before I had to pull the roses out because they were no longer looking as good. The rest of the flowers looked nice for about three weeks, with the daisies lasting a bit longer than that.

Trader Joe's Petite Bouquet

My Trader Joe’s Petite Bouquet after two weeks. Still looking great.

Considering how inexpensive this bouquet was at just $3.99, and considering how long it lasted, I’d definitely buy cut flowers from Trader Joe’s again. The quality is great and the value is high.

The Verdict:

Trader Joe’s Petite Bouquets offer fewer flowers than a traditional bouquet but at a bargain price. There is nothing cheap about these flowers, though. My petite bouquet that included roses, daisies, lilies, and sweet William lasted several weeks and made for a nice centerpiece in my home. If you want fresh cut flowers, give the ones at TJ’s a look.

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