Trader Joe’s: Pumpkin O’s

Last Updated on August 28, 2020

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It wouldn’t be fall without pumpkin-spice-flavored cereal. Trader Joe’s, Aldi’s cousin, has it.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin O's

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s sold for $2.49 for a 12-oz. box at the time of publication. It consists of toasted whole grain cereal with brown rice, oats, and pumpkin. It’s gluten free, kosher approved, and contains 20 grams of whole grains.

Trader Joe's Pumpkin O's nutrition and ingredients

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s nutrition information and ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

One 1-cup serving has 110 calories, 1 gram of total fat (1% of your daily value), 0 mg of cholesterol, 140 mg of sodium (6% DV), 25 grams of total carbohydrates (8% DV), 1 gram of dietary fiber (4% DV), 9 grams of sugars, and 2 grams of protein.

Ingredients are: whole grain brown rice, cane sugar, whole grain oats, brown sugar, pumpkin, sea salt, natural flavor, calcium carbonate, sodium phosphate, cinnamon, annatto (color), and mixed tocopherols (Vitamin E as an antioxidant for freshness).

This cereal may contain traces of milk, almonds, hazelnuts, and coconut. It’s a product of Canada.

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s is good, and my kids approved of it. It doesn’t taste as distinctly of pumpkin spice as some other products we’ve tried. I also thought the cereal was almost too much on the sweet side when I first poured myself a bowl, and while it does have its share of added sugar, it’s not as high in sugar as some other cereals on the market. After it had been in the milk for a while, some of the sugar coating seemed to wash off and I liked the taste better.

The Verdict:

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin O’s are one of the many products lining the shelves at Aldi’s cousin store to help you get in the mood for fall. They don’t necessarily scream pumpkin spice, but they taste good, if a little overly sweet at first before they’ve had a swim in some milk. They are gluten free and kid approved.

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