Visage Pro Style Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Throughout the year, Aldi sells a range of personal care products under the Visage label, including personal groomers, razors, and ways to clean up other other parts of your appearance. Aldi uses Visage to promote both men’s and women’s products. This is one more obviously aimed at women.

Visage Pro Style Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror

The Visage Pro Style Double Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror, which retails for $19.99, comes in either a table stand or wall mount version. We tried out the stand version; it came with the stand mirror, four AAA batteries, and a manual. The whole package is backed by a 3-year warranty.

Setup is fairly straightforward. The battery compartment is located in the space between the two mirrors, and it is opened by twisting the labeled mirror counterclockwise a short distance, then carefully prying it off. The process is a bit tricky, but once you do it, putting the batteries in and replacing the mirror is pretty simple.

There are two mirrors: a normal one, and a 5X mirror. The normal one lets you see your face clearly, while the 5X zooms in a little so you can take care of details. This is marketed primarily as a makeup mirror, but the mirrors are also quite handy for putting in and taking out contact lenses, or performing anything else that requires a closeup of the face. We suppose it could also be put to use for other things, too.

Visage Pro Style Double Sided Lighted Mirror

The 5X mirror. (Click to enlarge.)

The mirror light has an “instant on” button that responds to even a light touch, cycling between cold, warm, and combination lights. (The manual notes that the LED is not replaceable, but since LED lights have very long life spans, we’re not too worried about that.) The light is on both sides, so you can use it with either mirror.

The Verdict:

For $20, the Visage Makeup Mirror provides a versatile way to put on makeup, contacts, or whatever else you need it to do. The LED lights and 5X mirror are nice components, as is the responsive instant on light button. A 3-year warranty adds some peace of mind.

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  1. Enjoy your reviews
    Bought the same mirror by Visage
    2 months later it won’t light up
    How can I find out how to use the 3 yr warranty?
    I threw the box out

  2. I bought this Visage Lighted Mirror for my daughter Christmas 2017, at ALDI, light does not working. I threw the box out.

  3. have a Visage 3way mirror i bought at aldis couple months ago. and wont recharge. are these mirrors junk ! or can this be fixed?

  4. No way can I open the mirror to get to the battery compartment. The mirror is over 5″ in diameter. I could get a grip on a basketball easier than on this. It would take a special tool. Taking it back.

  5. Just bought this mirror. Should have researched first. Half the lights don’t work. Taking it back.

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