Open Thread: Visage Bathroom Scale

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Visage is the self-care private label that Aldi uses. We’ve previously reviewed a few Visage-branded products, including a rotary shaver, an ear and nose trimmer, and a lighted makeup mirror. While Aldi sources its Visage products from a number of different manufacturers, in general we’ve had good experiences with the products.

One recurring product in the Visage lineup is the Visage Bathroom Scale. Aldi has been selling some version of this scale for at least a few years now. This is different than the body fat scale Aldi also sells from time to time.

What We Know:

The Visage Bathroom Scale (product code 93792) is an ALDI Find (Special Buy), which means its only in stores for a short time. At the time of this post, it retailed for $12.99, which is a fair bit less than comparable bathroom scales out there.

At the time of this post, the scale comes in two variations, solid black or transparent silver. The scale’s features include:

  • An “extra-large” LCD display for easy reading
  • A safety glass platform
  • A 400-lb. max capacity
  • Step-on activation
  • The ability to display weight in pounds, kilograms, or stone (because why not?)

The scale comes with batteries and a manual. The manual is not yet available online.

What We Don’t Know:

At the time of this post, there’s a lot we don’t know about this scale. We haven’t tested any previous versions of the scale, and since the scale may have different manufacturers from year to year — and we don’t know who makes this model — we’re not sure how helpful those would be anyway. While there are some comments online (mostly complaints) about Aldi’s body fat scale, this is a different product, so we’re not sure how applicable those comments are. We also don’t yet have any information on a warranty.

Do you have any experience with this scale? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Have model Visage 96525 scale. This never gives the same weight twice and is never accurate. No info I can find on calibration or adjustment. Definite lemon in my experience.

  2. I have the scale and it no longer works. Where can I get a new battery? I have not had it too long!

  3. I purchased two, a black one and a white one. One shows my weight as four pounds heavier. I was also looking for a way to calibrate it. I guess both are going back.

  4. I just bought the model 90389 today. I got it home and stepped up and it read 78 pounds less than what my Dr’s scale said this morning, Now I would love to believe that but nobody is going to.😥😥😥😥

  5. I cannot figure out how to change reading to pounds. It has been very accurate and was reading pounds and now reading kg.

  6. Just purchased model WUN- DBS-01 and it is reading 0.8kg heavier than Drs scales – frustrating there is no way to adjust – so have to subtract at every weight in – will be taking back

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