What Happens at an Aldi Grand Opening?

I’ve seen some remodeled Aldi stores in my area hold grand openings, and they are worth attending if you’re an Aldi fan. These events are unique in two aspects: 1.) you have the chance to win gift cards and free products, and 2.) you may be able to sample some of Aldi’s products … and if you are familiar at all with Aldi, you know they never offer samples any other time, so it’s a big deal to be able to try foods at a store’s grand opening.

Aldi grand opening

A peek at what happens during an Aldi grand opening. (Click to enlarge.)

A store in my region had a grand opening celebration that spanned several days (a Thursday through Saturday) recently, and I received an ad in the mail that promoted several things:

  1. On Thursday that week, customers could receive a free eco-friendly bag while supplies lasted, and they could sample some of Aldi’s best products from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (note the samples were not available all day).
  2. The first 100 customers on Friday that week would have a chance to win a golden ticket worth up to $100.
  3. On Saturday that week, customers could enter to win free produce for a year.

The ad also stated: “Doors open at 8:25 a.m. following ribbon-cutting ceremony.” In most locations, Aldi opens for the day at 9 a.m. It wasn’t clear if the earlier opening time was just on Thursday of that week (the grand opening), or if it was all weekend as part of a larger celebration.

A footnote also indicated that the golden ticket and free-produce-for-a-year prizes would be awarded in the form of gift cards and that there is only one winner per category per store, and that no purchase was necessary. The ad was confusing regarding the valid dates for these promotions, though, with the footnote indicating it was only valid on Friday, although the ad stated the free produce promotion happened on Saturday.

For those who could not get to the remodeled store on opening weekend, my ad had a coupon for $5 off a purchase of at least $30 that expired in about 2 weeks.

Unfortunately, I didn’t go to this particular store’s grand opening because it didn’t fit my schedule and, more important, it was far enough away from my home that it was not worth the gasoline it would take to get there. Maybe someday I’ll get to see a grand opening at a more conveniently located store.

If you’ve been to an Aldi grand opening, leave a comment and share your thoughts. Have you won a golden ticket or other prizes during a grand opening? Did you sample any food?

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  1. I just went to the grand opening for our Aldi, they handed out cards with numbers to the first 100 people in line. Just before the doors opened the took our numbers and gave us sealed envelopes with gift cards. Mine was $10, the lady in front of me got $25 and the lady behind me got. $100 gift card, behind her another $10. We got the aldi bags, a quarter holder and $5 off coupons for the next 3 weeks. They did have samples too.

  2. At mine, there was a ribbon cutting at 8:25am. And that was the end of the celebration. Nothing. No quartered carts, no bags, no gift cards, nothing. They just opened the doors. Everyone was confused. Most people bought 1 or 2 items thinking there might be something as you checked out, but no. Not even a coupon. Asking the cashier, they mentioned co-vid as an excuse. So a large group can gather, shop their stores, get their own carts, and we just need to steer clear of coupons and gift cards and we won’t get covid. Cheap excuse. Aldi’s let the ball drop in a big way.

  3. Just went today! First 100 people got gift cards bag of grocery, and can enter to win $500 I got 10$ gift card. They gave out free bell ice cream and coin holder keychain along with the circular 5$ off coupons and their shopping bags. This was the first day on Thursday. Was fun do they do the same the other 2 days?

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