A Look Inside an Aldi Fan Favorites Box

Aldi Fan Favorites

On September 15, 2020, Aldi announced the results of its second annual fan survey of Aldi products. These “Fan Favorites,” as they were called, represent what over 177,000 customers declared to be the grocer’s best.

As part of the publicity blitz, Aldi shipped boxes of some of the Fan Favorites to select social media influencers, fans, and media types. On Tuesday morning, UPS dropped one of the boxes off here, too.

The Aldi Superfan Box came in a pretty loud box with distinct Aldi markings. Inside was a collection of some of the Aldi Fan Favorites.

Items in the box included:

Aldi Fan Favorites

The items in the box.

Not all of the year’s fan favorites were in the box. There was no wine, for example (Winking Owl Wine was a winner), nor was there anything from the fridge or freezer (Mama Cozzi’s Take and Bake Pizza). However, Aldi did include a gift card (not pictured) along with a list of some of the items not in the box, with the suggestion that recipients could go to their local Aldi and purchase the remaining items on the list.

We just might.

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  1. I wish they would have sent me a box. I love all those items.
    Except for one. The baby wipes. I’m not saying that I don’t like them. I just don’t have any babies that need wiping. But if I did have babies needing wiping, I would probably love those too.

    • We take wipes on camping trips, where they’re great for cleaning sticky or messy hands without having to walk to the bath house, or for wiping down the vinyl tablecloth on the picnic table. They’re also good for small cleaning projects around the house.

    • The wipes are quite amazing . . . purchased a three pack 2 years ago – and gave one to our adult daughter – I opened one to use to clean things up in the bathroom 2 years ago . . . still have the opened pack and the wipes are still as wet as ever . . . I also keep a pack in my truck.
      They Are Amazing!!! All major brands of wipes dry out and become useless within 6months . . . These are great!!!

    • I don’t have any baby’s either, but keep a box in the bathroom, and one in the kitchen close to my food prep area. I am handicaped, and it saves me effort of wipping up little spills or my fingers so I don’t have to get up and down so much while preparing meals. I couldn’t do without them, and have tried several other brands, but chose Aldi’s hands down!

  2. The Parmesan crips are my snack favorite…I’m sure they must have to be restocked at my local Aldis as I hoard them in my pantry!

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