Aldi Gets Its Fandemonium On With the Aldi Gear Capsule Collection

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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I’m not sure at what point I realized that Aldi was a cult. I mean, I knew it had its loyal followers — that’s what inspired us to create this site in the first place — but I was slow to grasp just how devoted its followers could be.

Maybe the first sign was the proliferation of keychain quarter holders. Or maybe it was the explosion of enormous social media communities, complete with catchphrases. Or perhaps it was the crush of people who would descend on the store to swipe up wine Advent calendars, or keto bread, or teal cabinets. Certainly, I had to to have figured it out when Aldi fan communities got so big and raucous that they apparently flamed out.

Like most companies with any marketing awareness, Aldi has seized the the opportunity to capture the wind. From Fan Favorites Boxes to social media communities of its own, the German grocer has not hesitated to encourage the cult. More often than not, Aldi will lean into what’s trending, like it did with the keychain quarter holders and social media fandom.

In case you didn’t know, Aldi swag is a thing. You can easily find Aldi shirts and other bits of Aldi fandom on Amazon, Etsy, and elsewhere, most of it made by fans (or entrepreneurs looking to make some money off of fans). At some point, Aldi must have decided this is a niche worth leaning into, too, because Aldi is sending a load of its own branded product line — clothes, sandals, and other swag — into its stores as part of a capsule collection.

Aldi Gear Capsule Collection

The Aldi Gear Capsule Collection, as Aldi has decided to call it, are all Aldi Finds. That means they’re only in stores for a limited time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, and you won’t be able to order them online. At this point, we don’t think Aldi plans to restock them, and while that might change in the future, for now, at least, these won’t be staples in the store.

In 2022, these launch on Wednesday, April 20th, and each product will be sold separately. Here’s what Aldi is selling:

Serra Ladies’ ALDI Fan Pajama Set

Serra Ladies' ALDI Fan Pajama Set

  • $9.99 for a set. Designs include “It’s an ALDI Thing” Long Sleeve in Sizes L–XL, “I’m at ALDI all the time” Short Sleeve in sizes S–XL, and “ALDI All Day” Short Sleeve in Sizes M–XL. Pajamas are made of 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex, and are OEKO-TEX certified.
    • White long sleeve top with “It’s an ALDI Thing” on the side features a crew neck style top with blue shorts with ribbed waistband and two pockets.
    • The Dark Blue Short Sleeve “ALDI All Day” set features a V-neck style top with blue and yellow color block shorts with elastic waistband.
    • The Light Blue Short Sleeve “I’m at ALDI… All the time” set features a V-neck style top with white and ALDI printed shorts with elastic waistband.
  • Product Code: 706256
  • You can find our thoughts on some other Aldi PJs here.

Crofton 25-oz. Hydration Bottle

Crofton 25-oz. Hydration Bottle


  • $8.99. Keeps beverages hot up to 6 hours and cold up to 12 hours. Double-wall insulated stainless steel bottle. Designs include Solid Teal, Solid Lavender, ALDI All Day, or ALDI Rainbow Squares.
  • Product Code: 706017
  • We’ve reviewed various Aldi bottles over the years, including this one and this one.

Keychain Coin Holder

Keychain Coin Holder

  • $1.49. Features a slot to hold a quarter for grocery cart retrieval at Aldi stores. Includes hook attachment. Available in assorted Aldi-themed designs.
  • Product Code: 705951
  • You can read our review of past Aldi quarter holders here.

Heart to Tail ALDI Fan Favorites Plush Pet Toy

Heart to Tail ALDI Fan Favorites Plush Pet Toy

  • $4.99. Toy choices include Kettle Licks, Grocery List, Avocado Toast, Pupergranate Mimosa, Rope Plush ALDI Fan Bear, Rope Vista Bark, or Red Bag Chicken.
  • Product Code: 706414
  • You can read our thoughts on some of Aldi’s pet accessories here.

Men’s or Ladies’ 2-Pack Socks

Men's or Ladies' 2-Pack Socks

  • $3.99. Available in Crew or Low Cut lengths. Socks are composed of 98% polyester and 2% elastane. They have elasticated cuffs and toe/heel reinforcements with colorful jacquards on each sock. Assorted styles of Men’s or Ladies’ ALDI Fan or Pun options are available.
  • Product Code: 706093
  • You can read our take on other kinds of Aldi socks here.

Crane ALDI Fan Slides

Crane ALDI Fan Slides

  • $5.99. Aldi doesn’t have a lot of information on these other than the fact that they come in a couple of styles.
  • Product Code: 706245
  • You can read our thoughts on other Aldi footwear here.

Is there something you’re looking to get? Did you pick up one of these and have thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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