Adventuridge 40-Ounce Thirst Crusher Tumbler

Last Updated on March 20, 2024

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi is selling these tumblers again in March of 2024 for the same price of $9.99. 

My family goes camping and hiking during the warmer months, so having cups that are portable and keep our water cold is important to us. We own several Hydro Cell stainless steel insulated bottles that we’ve used for the past several years and are happy with, and we use them for everything from camping to day trips to afternoons at the pool, and we take them to work. I also recently bought an Ello Cooper bottle from Target for one of my kids to take to school.

Then I noticed Aldi fans on social media discussing a new limited-edition cup that was coming to Aldi. It’s essentially a less expensive knockoff of a name-brand Stanley tumbler, with the Aldi tumbler going for $10 instead of $45 like the Stanley version.

The Stanley company was founded more than 100 years ago by engineer William Stanley Jr. The company produces vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottles, along with mugs, lunch boxes, cook sets, flasks, growlers, coolers, and more. Their products have a reputation for durability and come with a lifetime warranty, and the company notes that pilots used their thermoses in World War II.

Stanley products were once marketed mostly only to men of the outdoorsy type. In recent years, the company has started marketing to millennial women, expanding its product color range to include pastels. Today, Stanley has a large following of influencers on social media, especially on TikTok. In fact, if you’re on TikTok much, you’ve probably seen the hype about Stanley tumblers.

The Aldi cup is an imitation of the Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler, which has a 40-ounce capacity with a handle on one side, a straw, and a tapered bottom portion so the cup fits in a vehicle cup holder. The lid also has an opening so you can drink directly from it if you don’t want to use the straw. The Stanley tumbler claims to keep liquids hot for seven hours, cold for 11 hours, or iced for two days.

I picked up one of the Aldi tumblers to put to the test with both ice water and hot water for tea.

Spoiler: I learned the hard way not to put hot water in this tumbler unless you want to permanently warp the lid so it no longer screws on. More on that below.

(Note: Aldi fans talked these up a lot in advance on social media, and when I showed up at opening on the day the tumblers were scheduled to hit Aldi shelves, there were only about half a dozen tumblers and they looked somewhat picked over with fewer color choices. I also saw people on my local Aldi Facebook group talking about how the tumblers were sold out shortly after their area stores opened.)

Adventuridge 40-Ounce Thirst Crusher Tumbler

The Adventuridge 40-Ounce Thirst Crusher Tumbler (Product Code: 709516) costs $9.99 at the time of publication.

As mentioned earlier, the corresponding Stanley tumbler retails for $45. The Stanley tumbler is the same price whether you buy it on the Stanley website, on Amazon, or from Target. That makes the Aldi tumbler a good deal.

This Adventuridge tumbler is an Aldi Find, so it’s only in stores for a short time. Each store gets one shipment, and after that sells out, it’s gone unless Aldi decides to bring it back at some point. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that are not in stock at your local store.

Adventuridge 40-Ounce Thirst Crusher Tumbler

View from the top.

Here’s more information about the tumbler according to the Aldi ad and the label on the tumbler:

  • Double wall vacuum insulated
  • 40-ounce capacity
  • Includes metal cup, plastic straw, and plastic lid with closeable drinking spout/straw hole
  • Great for hot and cold beverages (Actually, it’s not great for hot beverages. Keep reading.)
  • Condensation proof
  • BPA free
  • Available in four colors: Flint Gray, Charcoal, Cream, or Blue (I bought the blue.)
  • Made in China (Name-brand Stanley bottles are also made in China.)

This Aldi tumbler does not come with any kind of warranty (unlike Stanley products that have a lifetime warranty), but … it’s a $10 tumbler.

The label does not have any washing instructions, so I don’t know if this is dishwasher safe. I’ll be hand washing mine.

Adventuridge 40-Ounce Thirst Crusher Tumbler

Looking inside the cup without the lid.

My initial thoughts are that this tumbler is large, and it’s fairly heavy especially once you fill it with ice and water. It might not be the most scientific way to weigh the cup, but I placed the tumbler filled with ice and water on my bathroom scale and it read at 3.8 pounds.

It’s thick-walled, and the handle is sturdy. The plastic lid also feels thick and strong. My straw came slightly bent, but I saw someone on an Aldi social media fan page say their straw was also bent, so maybe that’s by design, but I’m not sure. The hole in the lid where the straw goes in has a larger opening, so that may affect how well the tumbler’s contents stay cold or hot.

This is not the kind of cup you can easily tuck into a backpack’s cup holder pocket for hiking, both because of its large size and the handle on the side. It’s more appropriate for sitting poolside or around a campsite, taking to a cookout or sporting event, taking to work, toting around in a vehicle or a work truck, or using around the house.

Stanley products are stainless steel, but I don’t see any indication on the product label about what the Aldi tumbler is made of.

Nevertheless, it is a nice-looking tumbler, and you’re likely to get comments from people thinking it’s a Stanley tumbler.

The Cold Water Test:

Adventuridge 40-Ounce Thirst Crusher Tumbler 4

My tumbler filled about halfway with ice.

I filled my Aldi tumbler about halfway with ice, then filled it the rest of the way with cold tap water. I put the lid on and slid the cover shut, leaving the straw off. I set the tumbler on my kitchen counter and made a note of the time.

The ice was mostly melted after about eight hours, although the water was still very cold. The next day, at around the 24-hour mark, the water in the cup was still a bit cold. If you leave the lid open with the straw in, I’m not sure how that would affect the water temperature in the tumbler, but at least when you leave the lid shut, it stays cold for a decent amount of time.

The Hot Water Test:

This is a huge cup for holding hot coffee or hot tea, so I wasn’t sure whether I’d use this in that way. I still tested it with hot water to see how long it stayed hot. I heated water in a kettle on my stovetop and poured it in so the tumbler was mostly full, like I do on mornings when I make tea to go. (And tea drinkers who use name-brand Stanley tumblers do this as well.) I screwed on the lid but left the cover slid to the open position so steam could escape. Once again, I made a note of the time.

Adventuridge 40-Ounce Thirst Crusher Tumbler

The warped lid after putting hot water in the tumbler. The lid leans slightly inward on the left side.

I came back to the tumbler filled with hot water about 45 minutes later and noticed the plastic lid — which has threading so it can be securely screwed onto the tumbler — was no longer secure. I could actually lift the lid off the tumbler and put it back on the tumbler without twisting it. Upon closer examination, I could see how the hot water had warped the plastic lid so that it no longer properly threaded onto the metal tumbler. The lid now looks like it is permanently damaged and unusable, which is very disappointing.

Because of that, I cannot recommend using this Aldi tumbler with hot drinks, even though the label clearly says you can put hot drinks in. Our tumbler is essentially unusable now that the lid is warped.

I often heat water for tea and put it into other various travel cups with plastic lids that I already own, and I’ve never had problems with the heat warping the lids. That makes the fact that the Aldi tumbler lid can’t handle heat even more disappointing.

The Verdict:

The Adventuridge 40-Ounce Thirst Crusher Tumbler is a knockoff of a $45 Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler. It looks a lot like a Stanley tumbler and can be used with an included straw, or the lid has a tab that opens and closes so you can drink from it. The label claims it’s good for hot and cold drinks. We put that claim to the test.

When we filled the Aldi tumbler halfway with ice and then with cold tap water, the ice lasted for about eight hours, and the water was still relatively cold — although not icy cold — 24 hours later.

When we filled the Aldi tumbler with hot water to make tea, it warped the plastic lid so it no longer securely screws onto the tumbler. Our tumbler is no longer usable unless we want to drink out of it without the lid.

If you only use this for cold drinks, it is a nice tumbler — although quite heavy when full — and the price point is good. Do not put hot drinks in this tumbler unless you want to damage it so the lid is no longer usable. That was the case for us … and because there’s no warranty, there’s nothing we can do about it.

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  1. Great review! I think everyone’s questions were answered.

  2. Have you tried to see if lids from other tumblers that you own fit on this tumbler?

  3. I bought one and am disappointed It is not leakproof like the Stanley Will be returning

  4. I purchase two, rushed home and cleaned one to use and quickly left to go to an activity with my kids. Both of my girls wanted one for themselves. So we swung back by aldi after our activity and they were all gone.

    Upon returning home, I noticed the slider on my second cup was slightly lifted. Seems one of the feet that hold it in place on the inside of the cup had been busted and it won’t clip back in. So now I have one tumbler with a l broken lid. I’ve purchase replacement lids on Amazon and the first one I tried didn’t fit. If I find a lid that does fit… I’ll come back and share.

  5. I was so sad when I went to the store in the morning they were all sold out at two different locations. Hopefully, they bring this back

  6. I dropped mine and the lid broke and so far I haven’t found a replacement lid which works. Please post if anyone finds some!

  7. I bought two Tumblers at Aldi. Lids do not seal tight. Screwing lid on it goes around & around.
    Can lid be replaced?

    • My lid spins around and won’t tighten because it warped when I made hot water for tea and put it in the tumbler. Unfortunately, probably all you can do is return the tumbler and lid to Aldi for a refund, unless you can find another lid brand that works on the tumbler.

  8. These cups are coming back to Aldi on March 27th, 2024!

  9. Does anyone know if these are lead-free? Stanley has made me paranoid?

  10. Are they leak proof if tipped on their side?

  11. Yeah.. I bought one yesterday .. took the straw out and closed the slider… not even close to leak proof… water gushes out… grrrr

  12. I was able to find a replacement lid for this cup. However, you will need to use the original rubber ring from the original lid. It screws on tight but don’t try to pick it up by the lid. This kid holds up to hot and cold…. As it’s the hard tritan plastic that other kids are made with. It’s on Amazon, the ASIN for it is B0CTHXM6C2. You get two in the package. Hopefully this helps out the lid search.

  13. These cups returned to Aldi yet again the week of April 24, 2024, for a short time.

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