Adventuridge Men’s Flannel Shirt Jacket

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

Adventuridge Men's Flannel Shirt Jacket

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Aldi isn’t a department store, but you wouldn’t always know it from its legendary middle aisle. Aldi sells a number of different things as part of its rotating Aldi Find inventory, including men’s and women’s clothes. Over the years we’ve seen apparel for all times of day and all times of year.

In the autumn months, Aldi sometimes sells jackets and other clothes suited to falling temperatures, including coats and sweaters. This October, Aldi sold a twist on fall-wear, a marriage of flannel and jacket.

The Adventuridge Flannel Shirt Jacket (Product Code 802133) is an Aldi Find, meaning it’s only in stores for a limited time. In fact, when we tried to get this one, we had a hard time finding it; we visited three stores and only found one that was close to the size we were searching for.

In addition, while it came in two styles, we could only find one of them. We found a blue one with quilted lining, while another version that was green plaid with a fleece lining and a hood was out of stock. Part of the problem was that they were not both available in all the sizes — for example, the blue one did not come in a size medium at all. While I was hoping to find a green one in medium, the only thing we could test was the blue, size large.

The Aldi jacket was $17.99 when we bought it. That’s cheaper than most other flannel jackets we could find.

According to the packaging, the coat is made of 100% cotton. It’s manufactured in Bangladesh and is certified “Standard 100” by OEKO-TEK, which tests for harmful substances in textiles. The instructions call for machine washing with warm water with like colors on a gentle cycle, then tumbling dry on low heat. It should not be dry cleaned, but it can be warm ironed if needed.

I’d say the blue one is fairly comfortable. The quilted interior feels like a jacket interior, and the exterior is soft. Of note, the blue one fastens with all buttons, including on the front. I actually liked that it didn’t have a zipper.

In terms of warmth, it feels comparable to a light jacket. I took it out a few times when temperatures were in the 50s and I felt fine. Unfortunately, the jacket doesn’t come with side pockets, and most flannel jackets I saw online don’t. That means you may want gloves if you’re worried about your hands getting cold.

In terms of looks, I can’t say it’s entirely my thing — I liked the green one better in the pictures — but this works. As a large, it’s also a little bulkier than I wanted, but, again, this is what I could find in stores.

Adventuridge Men's Flannel Shirt Jacket

The Verdict:

If you can find it, the Adventuridge Men’s Flannel Shirt Jacket is a decent fall- and spring-weather jacket. While it lacks pockets, as most flannel jackets do, it’s comfortable and soft, and seems well-suited for when temperatures require a light jacket.

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