Adventuridge Men’s Hiker Boots

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated with a 1-year progress report.

In the spring and summer months, Aldi is all about camping. Come fall, the camping goods pass out of the stores, but that doesn’t mean life outdoors is over. Quite the opposite: as temperatures drop, the weather is perfect for getting outside.

Aldi has something for that.

Adventuridge Men's HIker Boots

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The Adventuridge Men’s Hiker Boots, an Aldi Special Buy (ALDI Find), retail for $18.99, which is a lot less than most hiking footwear we’ve seen. These “boots” — they look and feel like hiking shoes — come in men’s and women’s varieties. The men’s version comes in sizes 9-11 and in either tan or gray, while the ladies’ model comes in sizes 7-9 with gray as the only color. We tested the men’s version.

These shoes boast several key features. The outside is made of genuine leather and mesh, with a TPR sole on the bottom. The outside claims to be water-repellent. Rounding out the outer part of the shoes are what appear to be nylon laces as well as pull tabs on the back of the heel.

Adventuridge Men's HIker Boots

The leather and mesh upper. (Click to enlarge.)

Adventuridge Men's HIker Boots

The shoe soles. (Click to enlarge.)

On the inside, the shoes have a memory foam insole and an anti-microbial treated lining.

Adventuridge Men's HIker Boots

A look inside. (Click to enlarge.)

My first impression is that they’re pretty comfortable. The sizing is about right (something not true of all Aldi footwear) and the memory foam does the job well. These feel snug without being too cramped — about on par with other shoes I’ve purchased before being properly broken in. They feel a littler firmer and thicker on the underside than traditional tennis shoes, which gives them a little more support on uneven ground.

Adventuridge Men's HIker Boots

On my feet. (Click to enlarge.)

Helpfully, it rained pretty hard the day I bought the shoes, which gave me a chance to test out the water repellent claim. On that front, they did pretty good, actually: I stepped through some pretty deep puddles and my socks only got a little damp in a couple of isolated places. In dew or other milder water situations, I would expect them to stay more or less dry.

I also had a chance to do some preliminary testing at a nearby nature reserve. I wore them all day, and they were comfortable and well-suited for the day. The best compliment I can give them is that I eventually forgot I was wearing them.

I don’t have enough time with them to know about durability — my biggest problem with non-name brand shoes. It’s too early to tell how long these shoes will last, but I’ll be updating this review as time goes on.

UPDATE (November 2019): A little over a year later, the boots are still holding up reasonably well. They have a little wear from use, and the memory foam isn’t quite as springy as it once was, but on the whole the shoes are still in good shape after occasional outdoor use.

The Verdict:

For a low price, Aldi’s Adventuridge Hiker Boots Shoes deliver a comfortable ride and do a good job of supporting the feet and keeping the socks dry. Durability remains an uncertainty, but for a person looking for some cheap hiking footwear, these are definitely worth a look.

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  1. Thanks for the review. It has been over a year now. Just wondering how these shoes have been holding up. Maybe time to add an update to this review to let folks know since long-term durability seemed to be your only reservation concerning these shoes.

  2. I needed a pair of light hikers for an upcoming week vacation with day hikes every day…Aldi did not have my size in the women’s version of this shoe, so I bought a pair of the men’s size 9…I have been wearing them with hiking socks daily to break them in before the trip…I agree with the reviewer…These shoes are so comfortable that, after a while, I forget that I even have them on…I have a wide foot and most hiking shoes pinch in one place or the other…Not these…I removed the foam liners and added a pair of my own orthotics with arch support…I tried on at least a dozen pairs of more expensive hiking shoes, but these fit the best. Feeling blessed to find them!

  3. I was pleased to find these and they showed decent waterproof quality and comfort. Unfortunately, after less than 10 times wearing them, the outer sole on the right foot nearly completely separated from the rest of the shoe. They are inexpensive and you get what you pay for. I will not buy another pair. Waste of $$.

  4. Peter J. Hendricks

    Adventuridge footwear is junk. I bought a pair of Adventuridge Workboots 3 days ago (waterproof! Steel toe!). Steel toe alright. The padding under the steel insert which is supposed to protect your foot was SO THIN that by noon the first day I wore them the steel insert wore through the cushioning any 2 toes were bleeding. Another “Made in China” product that went right into the landfill. At least the cardboard box was recyclable.

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