What an Aldi Find Is, According to Aldi

In a recent Facebook post, Aldi shared the next week’s Aldi Finds.


That in itself isn’t especially newsworthy, unless you’d been counting the days until the veggie straws came back. After all, Aldi Finds come out every week. However, what caught our eye was the very last photo in the post. Here it is:

The first sentence reflects what we’ve seen elsewhere. On Aldi’s website, for example, the grocer points out that “ALDI customers also love our weekly rotating selection of ALDI Finds. Each week nearly 100 unique ALDI Finds are offered for a limited time, and they range from premium food and household items based on the season.” Veteran Aldi shoppers know that Aldi Finds are limited buys, and that once they’re gone, they’re gone, at least until they come back, which can be a while.

The second sentence, though, is a bit of a wrinkle. The company, the image claims, uses Aldi Finds to “test new products.” We’ve been covering Aldi for a long time, and we’ve never heard the grocer frame Aldi Finds in that way. It suggests that the company uses Aldi Finds as a training ground to see what products will sell.

We’ve certainly seen that play out. Some Aldi Finds are popular enough that they become annual traditions or semi-annual arrivals, while some become Seasonal Favorites or even Regular Buys. Others are duds that disappear, never to be seen again.

There’s a risk in overanalyzing a social media post composed by a social media team. Still, as writer for a site that follows all things Aldi, it’s an interesting perspective.

So the next time you venture into the middle aisle, just remember: you are in the middle of a test. And you get to help decide who passes, and who fails.

Choose wisely.

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