Kirkwood Southern Style Breaded Crispy Chicken

We’ve previously discussed the virtues of Kirkwood Crispy Chicken, which is awfully good considering that it comes straight out of a freezer. This product, Kirkwood Southern Style Breaded Crispy Chicken, differs from the traditional Crispy Chicken in two ways.

southern chicken

One, it differs from traditional Crispy Chicken in that it is a Special Buy rather than a Regular Buy. In our experience, it tends to be most likely to show up during the summer months. We’re not sure if it is a national or regional thing; if you have ideas on that, feel free to share them in the comments.

Two, it’s got kick. If the normal Crispy Chicken is Aldi’s take on KFC, Southern Style Chicken is its take on Popeyes or Bojangles. It’s not Tabasco hot, but it’s got some spice, so if mild is your thing this might not be the product for you. But if you do like Southern-style fare, this is definitely worth a look.

Cooking it up is not hard, although it can take a little time for best results. The box contains both microwave instructions and baking instructions; the recommended cooking method is an oven, and it takes about an hour or so. (This reviewer didn’t see any deep fryer instructions on the box.) If you want crispy chicken, follow the box instructions and cook it in the oven.

Once out of the oven, it just needs to cool down for a minute before being ready to eat. Like its traditional cousin, the breading is nicely crispy, the chicken is moist, and the overall flavor is a good imitation of fried chicken given that it’s baked. The serving total is decent but not massive, so don’t expect to feed a huge crowd with a single box; depending on appetites and what other side items are served, this is probably good for 2-4 adults.

The Verdict:

If you like Southern-style fried chicken, go for it. If you prefer something more mild, try the Regular Buy counterpart instead.


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  1. I want to say that Kirkwood breaded crispy chicken is the bomb. I had never suck my fingers after eating any fry or bake chicken, but Kirkwood chicken was my first. The favor is super delicious and I love it. I will continue to buy it at ALDI . I am 68 years old and I hope to live a long time to enjoy Kirkwood chicken. I will try other Kirkwood food items. Keep up the good cooking and research.

    • A lot is breaded bone ,no chicken. I thought I would get two meals but, only one. It is pretty tasty. It had half the meat you expect when looking at it

  2. I recently bought a box of Kirkwood Southern Style Chicken. Wasn’t to open it and there are only 4 pieces of chicken . 2 breasts and 2 thighs. REALLY ! How can I feed,a family with that. Really dissapointed and dissatisfied !! Totally unacceptable…………..

  3. Just tried Kirkwood southern style crispy chicken. Not good at all. Too much breader under the skin. Thumbs Down! !!!!!!

  4. I am wondering. It says fully cooked. Was it baled or fried? I have health issues and cannot eat any fried foods.

  5. We tried Kirkwood’s southern style chicken and we fell in love with it. We actually went and bought the last five boxes because it’s an Aldi find and won’t be back. Wish it was a regular item instead of a find.
    How can it be a find when Aldi’s distribute it?

  6. Where has the sale of brannans butchery southern style chicken portions gone. No longer at Aldi i have tried 4 of their outlets. No success. Family disappointed

  7. I bought a box of Kirkwood “assorted” fried chicken. Although it was good I was dissappointed when I opened it. 1 thigh and 5 legs. Not much of an assortment.

  8. I got three pieces of chicken. In a box it says that it weighs 1 pound and 13 Oz . What a rip off. . I may as well go to Kentucky Fried Chicken. You get more chicken for Less Price.

  9. Robert A. Fanaro

    First time trying this product. Big Aldi Fan here!

    Was disappointed. Box said assorted pieces.
    The box I bought contained… thigh, one wing and 5 drumsticks.
    If that’s how they pack it, it should be called ‘Box of Legs”.

  10. Terrible!! Very disappointed!! So much breading and no chicken. If you can call it chicken. Would never buy it again.

  11. Omg,so hooked on this chicken !! Anyway it can be ordered direct?? Please!!

  12. Well to the person who only got 4 pieces of chicken in the were lucky..had it last night and there were only 3!!..and I really could not identify what they were..breast, thigh, drums..think it was just 3 breasts in the I am stuck with one piece of chicken in my freezer..never had this issue before..maybe Kirkwood is getting lax in their quality control..I always looked for this product in the I think I will just pass.

  13. Robert Henry Farling

    Opened box to find all the chicken frozen together in one frozen mess. Won’t buy again

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