CASALUX 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch

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Solar lights are just cool.

I know that’s going to be a matter of personal preference, but I think so. If you’re reading this, there is a good chance you think they are, too … at least enough to click on a review of solar lights.

What makes them cool? For one, they operate on sunlight — no changing of batteries, no plugs. Just the sun. They’re efficient, sustainable, and as easy to use as any light you’ll ever find.

For another, they accent the darkness quite nicely. I keep solar lights in our front yard, and they make for magnificent little oases of light at night. That, and they help mark where the sidewalk ends and where the landscaping begins.

Aldi sells solar lights of various kinds in the summer months, when such light would be the most in demand. This summer, I spotted some that did a little more than just add light: they did it with some flair.

Casalux 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch

The CASALUX 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch (Product Code: 832674) is an Aldi Find. They’re only in stores for a limited time, and once they’re sold out, you won’t be ablet to get them again until they come back. That could be next year, or not at all. Either way, once they’re sold out in your store(s), you’re out of luck, and you won’t be able to order these online.

At the time of this post, the 6-pack sold for $12.99, or about $2.17 per light. Most of the lights of this type that I could find online were at least twice that cost, so from a price perspective this appears to be a pretty good deal.

The lights are 2 inches in diameter and 17 inches tall. They’re made of plastic, and each comes with a preinstalled AAA 150mAh rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium battery.

The lights are made in China. Beyond that, we don’t know who made them, and there is no warranty or after-sales support.

CASALUX 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch

The contents of the box.

The box comes with six lights, six poles, and six stakes, along with instructions in English and Spanish. (My set also came with an insert that corrected a mistake in the instruction packet diagrams.) The instructions give the usual assembly instructions and warnings, which are worth a look before assembly.

CASALUX 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch

Assembly, though, is pretty easy. First, remove the cap, pull the light out, and flip the switch to on. I covered the solar panel with my hand to test the lights and make sure they came on.

CASALUX 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch

Next, fit the cap over the grooves on the base and click it closed. Then attach the pole and the stake and place the solar light in the ground.

CASALUX 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch

And you’re done.

CASALUX 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch

One of the lights next to a garden sign we also bought at Aldi.

Of course, I was mainly interested in how the lights looked at night. That’s what they’re there for, after all. So I waited for things to get dark, and then …

CASALUX 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch

The lights are cool. They don’t look exactly like flames, but they do look very much like flame effect lights that I’ve seen elsewhere. They provide a little ambient glow, an accent. While I wouldn’t say they are the brightest solar lights, that’s probably not the point, as these are more about the effect than producing pure bright light. I sprinkled them around a couple of places in the yard, and I’ll be interested to see how they fare over time.

The Verdict:

The CASALUX 6-Pack Solar Flame Effect Torch advertises itself as producing flame effect in a solar light, and it does exactly that. No more, no less. The flame effect is fine for a regular light, and it accomplishes it for a lot less than other lights like this that I can find. There’s no warranty, but for this price it’s still probably worth a hard look if you want novelty lights like this.

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