Choceur Break Time Chunky Bar

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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In the 1930s, a British company called Rowentree’s developed a four-finger chocolate-covered wafer. Originally called Rowentree’s Chocolate Crisp, the sweet treat was renamed Kit Kat Chocolate Crisp in 1937, and the name was shortened further to Kit Kat after World War II. During the 1940s, Kit Kat was introduced into a number of English-speaking countries, including Canada, South Africa, and Australia. In 1988, Swiss company Nestlé acquired Rowentree’s and the Kit Kat brand.

Nestlé, though, doesn’t sell Kit Kat bars in the United States. The reason: in 1970, Rowentree’s contracted with the Hershey Company to distribute Kit Kat in America, with the license lasting as long as Hershey was not sold. Hershey has not been sold, so the Kit Kat license — which now exists between Nestlé and Hershey — remains in effect. At the time of this post, you can even find reference to the license in the fine print at the bottom of the Hershey Kit Kat website.

Success tends to breed imitation. While I haven’t seen too many attempts at a Kit Kat, I do sometimes see chocolate-covered crisps that aren’t Kit Kats at gas stations and big box stores. We even recently spotted some at the Godfather of brand imitation, Aldi, and with a name that borrows shamelessly from the famed Kit Kat jingle.

Choceur Break Time Chunky Bar

The Choceur Break Time Chunky Bar is, at least for now, an Aldi Find, which means you can only find it in stores for a limited time. Once they’re gone, they’re gone, and they won’t be back unless Aldi chooses to stock them again, whenever that might be. One can hope that someday Aldi will sell these as Regular Buys or even summertime Seasonal Favorites. In the meantime, Aldi does not offer online ordering if these bars aren’t in stock at your local store.

At the time of this post, a single 1.3-ounce bar costs 69 cents. That comes out to 53 cents an ounce. A standard brand-name Kit Kat bar runs about 65 cents an ounce, although you can get them in larger quantities for 35-45 cents an ounce. The Aldi bar, then, is cheaper than a single Kit Kat but more expensive if you’re buying a bunch of Kit Kats.

According to the packaging, the Choceur bar is a product of Turkey and contains cocoa that is Rainforest Alliance Certified. Like some other Choceur bars, it contains milk chocolate and hazelnut paste, which gives it a distinct flavor. (And one, I might add, that my family has come to like, especially in our s’mores chocolate.) It also has a number of potential allergens, including hazelnut, milk, egg, soy, and wheat, and with the potential for tree nuts and peanuts.

Choceur Break Time Chunky Bar

Ingredients. (Click to enlarge.)

Nutritionally, it’s a chocolate bar. Lots of saturated fat (6g), some sodium (53mg), a lot of sugar (19g), and not a small number of calories (201 per bar).

Choceur Break Time Chunky Bar

Nutrition information. (Click to enlarge.)

Our family liked these bars. They’re not identical to Kit Kats — they’re more chocolatey, with hazelnut, and are less crisp — but they’re really good. I’d go so far as to say that I like them better than a Kit Kat, and that’s saying something. Not everyone in my family had quite as high an assessment, but they all thought these Choceur bars were good.

Choceur Break Time Chunky BarThe Verdict:

Aldi has made a really nice Kit Kat-inspired chocolate bar that also stands well on its own. It has a rich hazelnut chocolate flavor with a solid crispy texture. While I wouldn’t mind seeing Aldi make this an everyday Regular Buy, I’m not sure my waistline would agree. It’s worth a buy, though, if you’re a Kit Kat fan.

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  1. Donna Jean Kircher

    I love Aldi but now I want to order box of Choceur Chunky Bar
    as they have not had them for several week. and I know they cannot just order individual orders, so how can a customer order a box or two,

    • As the post above explains, Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that aren’t in stock at your local store.

    • Donna, my closest Aldi no longer sells it but I travelled about 4 miles north to another location and they have a lot on the shelf and the cost has been reduced to 39 cents. I would suggest that if you don’t mind driving a few more miles to one or two other locations in your town, you will definitely find this delicious treat. I live in Maryland and the Crofton location has a lot left to sell at 39 cents. I, as well find this bar more delicious than Kit kat.

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