Crane Mens Memory Foam Athletic Shoes

Last Updated on May 22, 2021

EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated with a one-year and two-year progress report.

Aldi is not a shoe store, but we’ve seen a fair amount of footwear from the grocer. Whether it’s hiking shoes, slip-on shoes, kid’s shoes, or even garden boots, footwear regularly rotates in and out of the store’s center aisle.

Rachael has looked at the Crane Ladies Memory Foam Athletic Shoes. Today I’ll look at the men’s version.

Crane Mens Memory Foam Athletic Shoes

Crane Mens Memory Foam Athletic Shoes are an ALDI Find, which means they’re only in stores for a limited time. The shoes run $14.99, which is comparable in price to budget shoes you might get at a big box store or dollar store. The men’s version, this year at least, came in either blue or black.

The packaging boasts a few features, including a memory foam insole, a flexible outsole, and soft fabric lining. One thing it doesn’t boast: a warranty.

Crane Mens Memory Foam Athletic Shoes

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The shoes are fairly generic looking: the style isn’t terrible, but these aren’t going to turn heads. Also, the Crane name is imprinted on the top of the tongue, so if you’re wearing shorts and you’re self-conscious about advertising that your shoes came from Aldi, you might want a different pair of sneakers.

Crane Mens Memory Foam Athletic Shoes

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Comfort-wise, they’re decent. The men’s size was about right for me, and the memory foam has pretty good arch support. The left tongue felt a little rough on one side at first, but that seems to have subsided as I’ve broken them in.

Crane Mens Memory Foam Athletic Shoes

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In my experience, the biggest dividing line between cheap shoes and quality shoes is longevity; I’ve had generic shoes that have literally fallen apart after a few weeks. I don’t know how long these will last, but I’ll update this review as needed.

UPDATE (May 2020): I’ve had these shoes for a year now, and I’m rather shocked to report that, not only have they held up well despite regular use, but they’ve become my favorite walking shoes, better than shoes I’ve paid multiple times as much for. The memory foam is still in good shape, as is the tread and the rest of the shoe.

UPDATE (May 2021): Two years in, and they’re still holding up under regular use. They have the normal wear-and-tear of a shoe this age, but nothing is peeling and the insides are in good shape.

The Verdict:

Crane Mens Memory Foam Athletic Shoes are very inexpensive athletic shoes that generally fit properly and seem to do the job okay. They’re not particularly stylish, but if you’re looking for budget shoes these might be worth a look. The jury is still out on long-term durability.

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  1. My husband loves these shoes. He said they are more comfortable than his sketchers. If we can find them again will definitely buy more

  2. I like these blue shoes but I’m a female that wears size 9. What size of these mens shoes would fit me?

  3. I found my size 11 crane shoes at Aldi on sale for $8. I bought one pair and now wish i had bought them all. Im on my feet all day indoors and after more than 1000 hours of brisk walking they are still holding up great with no signs of wear. I came to th is site looking for another pair for when these wear out. I give these shoes a 8 of 10 points.

  4. can these sneakers be washed in the washing machine?

  5. I am an avid runner, who couldn’t run well, because my leg muscles and tendons were all tight and in pain for the past 6 month for some inexplicable reason. I only buy expensive “high quality” running shoes, but needed a pair of walking shoes and bought these shoes on a whim. They were so unbelievably comfortable and supportive, that I started wearing them all the time (I usually go barefoot or wear dress shoes), and the tightness and pain dramatically diminished. I ended up buying a pair for my wife and children and they love them. I bought a second pair (for wearing outside), and decided to go running in them. I was blown away at how comfortable and naturally they supported my pace and movement. I went to the store to find some more pairs for myself (as a runner of nearly thirty years, finding the perfect shoe is like the quest for the Holy Grail), but alas, there were none in the store of my size. I will be running in these things regularly and will write as to how well they work. Where can I buy more online?

    • Great story. (I didn’t intend it this way, but my Aldi sneakers have become my favorite walking shoes — I like them better than any of the other walking shoes I own.) Unfortunately, Aldi doesn’t sell them online, and they only rotate them in from time to time.

  6. Do they run large or small? I am a female but I need a woman’s 9.5. (they only have a 9 and 10 and no small men’s 🙁

    A 9 would squeeze the long toes. Are the inserts removable? Also, anyone with high arches wear these?–Thoughts? What about for narrow feet?

    • I’m not sure about the men’s sizes, but the women’s sizes tend to run slightly large at Aldi. I usually wear a women’s 9, but an 8 from Aldi often works fine for me. Your best bet is to try them on in the store because every style can be a little different.

  7. Margaret Joyce

    I bought a pair of navy shoes in Aldi and they stretch and are so comfortable! They were the only pair left and are pull on ones with fake laces. I love them to bits! They are the only shoes I can wear as I have very sore feet. I hope they have them again!

  8. I have had mine 4 years now and the memory foam no longer has a memory but other than that? They were a top notch investment, I have arthritic knees and ankles and feet and I only spent 9.99 for them at a local Aldi’s store, now I’m scouring to find a new pair. I went to the same store aprrox. 8 mos. Ago and they weren’t carrying them, I need a new pair!🙂

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