Crofton 4 Quart Casserole

Last Updated on March 9, 2024

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aldi sold this again in March of 2024 for a slightly lower price of $14.99. It’s another example we’ve seen of Aldi lowering prices on certain Aldi Finds. 

Last spring, I purchased some mini casserole dishes from Aldi. They’re just the right size for individual portions of soup or casseroles, and the set I bought came with a pretty floral pattern. The mini casserole dishes matched some other cookware Aldi sold at the same time, but I didn’t buy anything else at that time. Then this spring, Aldi brought it all back. So I picked up another piece of cookware to add to my collection, this time opting to purchase a four-quart casserole dish in the same floral pattern.

The Crofton 4 Quart Casserole

The Crofton 4 Quart Casserole (Product Code: 700403) cost $19.99 at the time of publication.

This is an Aldi Find, which means it’s only in stores for a short time. Aldi does not offer online ordering for products that aren’t in stock at your local store.

This casserole dish is made of porcelain enameled steel. We talk more in depth about porcelain enameled cookware in our post about the Crofton Porcelain Enamel 12-Quart Stockpot, but basically it’s a type of cookware in which porcelain, a type of ceramic material, is bonded to steel, stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum. It often is made using bright colors and provides a nonstick surface without using chemicals such as Teflon, so you don’t need as much oil, butter, or cooking spray to keep food from sticking.

Besides its nonstick factor, another big draw with this type of cookware is that it can be used on both the stovetop and in the oven.

Crofton 4 Quart Casserole

The back of the packaging. (Click to enlarge.)

Here’s more information on the casserole dish, according to Aldi:

  • Available in Green Speckle or Floral (I purchased the floral design)
  • Matches a 2.3-Quart. Teakettle sold separately
  • Porcelain enameled steel ensures durability and superior heat conductivity
  • Casserole has sturdy side handles for easy lifting and is oven safe up to 500 °F
  • Compatible with gas, electric, glass ceramic, halogen, and induction stovetops
  • Perfect for sauces, stocks, and stews
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
  • Made in Turkey
Crofton 4 Quart Casserole

What comes in the package.

This comes with the casserole dish and matching lid, a warranty card, and a short user manual.

The has a two-year warranty. For service, the warranty card says to call 1-844-806-6842 or email The service address for the casserole warranty is 4824 Socialville Foster Road, Suite 400, Mason, OH 45040.

That’s the address for McSunley, a small company that focuses on direct import and private label products, with connections to retailers, distributors, and factories. Their website states they specialize in “cookware and houseware items manufactured through a select network of Indian factories we have developed and partnered with over the last 20 years.” McSunley has provided warranty service on other Aldi products including the mini casserole dishes as well as a roasting pan with rack.

Crofton 4 Quart Casserole

The manual indicates this casserole dish can be used safely on gas, electric, induction, halogen, and smooth glass cooktops. The manual gives a few tips for cooking on the stovetop:

  • Place the casserole on a cooktop burner no larger than the bottom of the casserole.
  • If cooking with a gas range, never allow the open flame to travel up the side of the casserole.
  • Use high heat to boil water. For all other uses, heat settings of medium or lower will give the best results.
  • The casserole should heat up gradually on the burner. Do not put it on a preheated burner.
  • Avoid sliding the casserole across your cooktop as it may scratch the cooktop or your casserole dish.

The manual also states the casserole is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not microwave safe.

Crofton 4 Quarter Casserole

Hand washing is recommended. Do not use abrasive cleaning products such as steel wool, scouring pads, or abrasive cleaners as they can scratch the porcelain enamel. To remove any food residue that won’t come off with normal hand washing, simmer a mixture of 1 cup of water to 2 tablespoons of baking soda for 10 minutes. This should lift residue off the bottom of the casserole. Follow by hand washing.

This matches my mini casserole sets and is a nice addition to my cookware collection. I expect it to cook as well and be as durable as the mini casseroles, and I’m looking forward to using it. I’ll update here after I’ve had more time to put it through the paces.

The Verdict:

The Crofton 4 Quart Casserole comes in a Green Speckle pattern or a pretty Floral design and includes a lid. I bought the Floral design to match some mini casserole dishes I purchased from Aldi last year. This casserole dish can be used on most stovetops and is oven safe up to 500 degrees, so it can’t be beat for versatility. The low price tag is nice, too.

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  1. These were back in stores again recently. I’ve had mine for almost two years and love it. I get compliments on how pretty it looks.

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