Does Aldi Do Black Friday Sales?

Last Updated on November 24, 2019

On the fourth Thursday in November, Americans celebrate the holiday known as Thanksgiving. The following day is known as “Black Friday,” taking its name from the idea that businesses go from being “in the red” — or losing money — to being “in the black” — or being profitable. (Black Friday originated as a distinctly American idea but has since expanded to other parts of the world.) Black Friday sales are usually very high, as consumers head out to begin shopping for the Christmas season.

Companies, for their part, try to lure shoppers with hot deals on products: “doorbusters,” as they’re called in the U.S. Some companies are so eager to get sales that they open their doors on Thanksgiving itself, to say nothing of all the online sales that run throughout the week.

A full range of companies participate in Black Friday, from big box stores and hardware stores to pharmacies and dollar stores. A look at any Black Friday site shows just how widespread Black Friday sales are.

What about Aldi? Does the German grocer participate in the Black Friday sales tradition?

Both in the United States and in other parts of the world, the answer is no. As of now, Aldi does not offer any sort of Black Friday-specific sales. Instead, the grocer treats the week just like any other week, with its usual weekly ad. In our experience, the weekly ad that runs the week of Thanksgiving typically begins to shift toward winter and holiday fare, but there are no doorbusters or other extra incentives on Black Friday.

On the other hand, that means that Aldi should be a little quieter than many other places on the day after Thanksgiving, so if you need to get some shopping done, it might be a place worth stopping by.

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