Is Aldi Open on Thanksgiving? When Aldi is Open and Closed During Thanksgiving Week.

If you’re like us, no holiday gets you thinking about food quite like Thanksgiving. The big Thanksgiving meal is a legendary pastime in the United States, from the ham and turkey to the millions of sides, be they cranberries in a can, or sweet potatoes.

It can also be an expensive holiday feast to host, which is what makes Aldi an attractive shopping option. But when is Aldi open during Thanksgiving week?

Let’s take a brief look.

The Day Before Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Eve)

The day before Thanksgiving, a Wednesday, is a major travel day in the United States, so some companies will use it as a floating holiday to allow workers to get to their families. At Aldi, though, it’s just another day. The store is open, with normal operating hours, on the day before Thanksgiving. It’s also a busy last-minute grocery shopping day, so be warned: your Aldi store is likely to have a lot of foot traffic going on.

Thanksgiving Day

There was a time when Thanksgiving Day was a pretty quiet holiday. But as Black Friday shopping has crept into Thanksgiving Day, retailers in recent years have opened their stores on turkey day to get a jump start on the holiday shopping season. While some stores have recently changed course, closing on Thanksgiving to allow employees to spend time with loved ones, that’s not true of every retailer.

As for Aldi? What if you need some stuffing on the big day? Or a bottle of Aldi’s famously inexpensive wine to pair with your dinner? Well, you’re out of luck. Every Aldi store in America is closed on Thanksgiving Day. Aldi employees have that day to spend with their families.

The Day After Thanksgiving (Black Friday)

You may not be thinking about groceries on the busiest shopping day of the year, but if you still need more food the day after Thanksgiving, Aldi is open with normal operating hours on the day after Thanksgiving. Because Aldi doesn’t currently do anything out of the ordinary on Black Friday, we’re guessing that the German grocery store is a lot less busy on this day than your typical big box store.

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  1. it is too bad they don’t stay open having employees work a 4-hour shift at a time. I can’t remember a Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter meal that i have forgotten at least something at the store.

    • People should be home on Thanksgiving and Christmas there is nothing anyone needs to buy on these days We should make sure we are good and NEVER wish another person to work in a retail store on those days. Only hosptial, fire fighters etc should be working and your 4 hr shifts for them is a great idea. But not retailers

      • Exactly. My father was a police officer and him having to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas was awful. But we knew he had to do it. There is no reason a store has be open on those days.

    • Make a list. Always have to have one for the Holidays. If not borrow from the neighbor.

  2. Thanks to all those people who have to work on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanks to the Arm Forces, Police Deptmartment, Fire Department, Doctors, Nurses and Emts. If I missed anyone I am sorry I do thank each an everyone. God Bless

  3. No one should l have to work on Christmas for Thanksgiving. Especially because someone can not get there stuff before. If you forget and do like I do such it up and pay better attention to you list and know what you need next time

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