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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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I exclusively started shopping at Aldi for my primary groceries right before the pandemic started in the United States. Prior to then, I would just go in occasionally. I have been working from home since mid-March, and having just moved to my new residence at the end of February, my to-do list of home projects is quite long. So I have been keeping an eye out for any Aldi Finds that would help me check off some boxes.

Last week, I spotted the perfect item to replace my shoe shelf in my utility room hallway: the Easy Home Shoe Organizer! It could be a coincidence, but I call it good marketing that Aldi is rolling out a lot of items to make home life more comfortable / organized during this time.

The organizer, available only in dark gray, has nine shelves for shoe storage and is enclosed by a lightweight cover with a roll-up panel that you can stow away. The shelving pieces are black plastic, but they are covered.

I found similar items in the same style and size at Walmart.com and at Amazon.com, ranging from $22.99 to $34.99. The Easy Home Shoe Organizer was $24.99 at Aldi, so you are paying market value for this item. However, depending on your area and stock availability, you may save time instead of money by going to Aldi and picking this item up versus waiting for Walmart or Amazon to deliver it.

Easy Home Shoe Organizer 1

Out of the box. (Click to enlarge.)

As mentioned earlier, the Easy Home Shoe Organizer has nine shelves that can be customized to accommodate both boots and sandals. The dimensions are 22.8 inches long x 11.42 inches wide x 63 inches high. The lightweight cover protects your shoes from dust, and the roll-up panel allows you to also hide the shoes on the shelf.

Easy Home Shoe Organizer 3

Shoe storage, before and after. (Click to enlarge.)

The Easy Home Shoe Organizer was easy to assemble, all parts were provided, and there were no tools required. I like the finished product. It certainly provides the organization I was looking for, and my husband is happy he will not trip over toddler shoes. We even made it a part of daily chores to put all the shoes away on the shelf.

The Verdict:

In the past, we were not good about putting shoes away in bedroom closets, and the overflow was hazardous. But with this new organizer, we have plenty of room and some shelves are empty. The box advertises that it can hold 27 pairs of shoes, and it also provides you with an option to anchor the organizer to a wall if needed. Overall, I’m happy with the purchase and would recommend this item to other shoppers.

You can find Kelly at AldiShopperNOVA on Instagram.

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  1. I bought the shoe organizer but a connector is missing

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