Frozen II and JoJo Siwa Accessories Coming to Aldi Next Week

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

One of them made $1.4 billion at the box office in 2019. The other has 11.5 million subscribers on YouTube. And both of them will be making appearances as Aldi Finds.

Frozen II and JoJo Siwa are both headed to Aldi stores the week of July 26, 2020, with most stores getting them on Wednesday, July 29. They are all sold under the same product code — 58942 — and will only be in stores for a short time. All of them will cost $4.99.

Shoppers will have four items to choose from:

  • A Frozen II Dress-Up Set
  • A JoJo Siwa Bow and Scrunchie Set
  • A Frozen II Jewelry Set
  • A JoJo Siwa Jewelry Set

The Frozen II Dress-Up Set will include a faux hair braid as well as a headband.

Frozen II Dress-Up Set

The Frozen II Dress-Up Set.

The JoJo Siwa Bow and Scrunchie Set will come in a couple of styles. JoJo Siwa bows sell for a lot of different prices — from more expensive bows at Claire’s and the exclusive bow packages on JoJo’s website, to cheap ones at Five Below. This Aldi one is one of the least expensive, especially considering that it also comes with a scrunchie. We do not yet know how big the Aldi bows are.

JoJo Siwa Hair Bows and Scrunchies

The JoJo Siwa Hair Bow and Scrunchie Sets.

The Frozen II Jewelry Set and the JoJo Siwa Jewelry Set both include 1 charm bracelet, 16 pairs of sticker earrings, and 5 rings.

Frozen II Jewelry Set

The Frozen II Jewelry Set.

JoJo Siwa Jewelry Set

The JoJo Siwa Jewelry Set.

If you’re looking for Frozen II or JoJo Siwa accessories for your kids, Aldi will have them. (If you get them for yourself, we won’t tell.)

You can read our review of the JoJo Siwa Bow and Scrunchie Set here.

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