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EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve received more comments and e-mails about the Bible verse printed on the egg carton — mostly positive, some negative — than the eggs themselves. We decided to reach out to Rose Acre Farms, the egg’s producers, to find out the story behind the verse. Here was the response:

“The Bible verse came about on our cartons from our founder, David W. Rust, who held that verse special to him through out his life. He had it placed on Rose Acre Farms egg cartons in 1980, where it has remained to this day! It has always garnered letters of sincere appreciation from customers all across the USA as a positive message of hope.”

The verse in question, Psalms 118:24, is also prominently displayed on the Rose Acre Farms website.

In the 1970s, there was a great scare over eggs. Eggs were high in cholesterol, we were told, and government guidelines told us that too many eggs could lead to higher cholesterol, which in turn would lead to greater risk for heart disease.

However, in recent years, eggs have enjoyed some vindication. Part of the reason is because we’ve learned that just because we take in a product with cholesterol doesn’t mean our body turns it into cholesterol. In fact, research seems to indicate having an egg a day can actually have benefits, and that foods high in sugar or transfats may be a bigger cause of cholesterol increase. There are some exceptions to this rule — some doctors warn diabetics to avoid egg yolks, for example — but eggs, eaten in moderation, do not appear to be the heart danger we once thought them to be. (Bacon, sadly, is another matter.)

Eggs, though, can be costly. But not if you get them from Aldi.

Goldhen Eggs

Goldhen Eggs come in your standard carton of a dozen Grade A large eggs. The carton is made of “100% reclaimed paper” and is recyclable (or compostable)*. According to the packaging, the eggs are certified by the United Egg Producers, which means, among other things, that there are no growth hormones and that farmers follow certain standards of animal care. The packaging also warns to keep the eggs refrigerated at or below 45 degrees, something common to store-bought eggs.

The carton notes that the eggs are produced in Seymour, Indiana. A quick search of the address reveals the source to be Rose Acre Farms, one of the largest egg producers in the United States.

From a nutrition perspective, there’s a lot to like here. Each egg contains only 70 calories, 1.5 grams of saturated fat (8% recommended daily allowance), and 70 mg of sodium (3% recommended daily allowance). Each egg also contains 6 grams of protein (12% recommended daily amount). Maybe most importantly, eggs are a filling breakfast food; eating two eggs can keep you full longer than, say, cereal, which can be really helpful if you are trying to cut down on snacking.

Aldi eggs, for their part, taste just like any other egg, but they don’t cost just like any other egg.

Goldhen Eggs at 50 cents

This is why Aldi eggs are awesome.

Prices vary, but we’ve seen them as cheap as 50 cents a dozen — or about 4 cents an egg — and some people we know have reported them even cheaper than that. Eating the $5 discount breakfast at your local restaurant might seem like a deal, but not when you can cook up two eggs on your own skillet for as much as 98.4% less. (Aldi toast isn’t expensive, either.)

The Verdict:

Goldhen Eggs are one of the biggest no-brainers at Aldi. They’re inexpensive, quality eggs that do whatever you need them to at breakfast, or even outside of breakfast. Highly recommended.

* A few years ago Aldi Reviewer’s Rachael noticed that Aldi eggs were suddenly coming in Styrofoam rather than the recyclable (and compostable) paper carton. She contacted Aldi, and Aldi told her that the reason for the change was because of a fire that damaged the factory where the cardboard cartons were manufactured. Fortunately, Aldi was soon able to resume selling their eggs in the original packaging, which they continue to do at the time of this post.

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  1. I wish ALDI eggs were that cheap in my area. I haven’t seen lower than 1.98/dozen. They were as high as 2.99/dozen only recently.

  2. I recently purchased a dozen of Aldi Goldhen Eggs and was surprised to discover an egg that would not crack open. After banging the egg on the kitchen counter many times, I finally took it to the concrete garage floor. After several hits on the floor, the “egg” finally cracked. What I discovered was a hollow CERAMIC egg. What is up with that??? Upon doing some research, I have discovered that Aldi eggs come from Rose Acre Farms, the second largest egg producer in the country. Read this blog for more indepth info.

  3. we are an Alda shopper– while making eggs I noticed a PSALM inside the egg carton— I do not feel this is proper- not every customer is christian!!

    • Why would you find a positive message offencive? You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate being encouraged to rejoice in your day. I guess you would rather them curse you out

    • It absolutely is proper! You do not have to be a Christian to rejoice in each day. It’s like a radio station, if you don’t like the music, change the station!

    • Some customers are christian!!!! If you don’t like the verse…..don’t read it. Also, you have every right to go buy more expensive eggs elsewhere.

    • Just as they are free to write a scripture. You are free to buy any eggs from any company.

    • Don’t buy your eggs from Aldis then

    • Gary – I totally agree. Having a religious quote inside consumer packaging is insensitive, provocative, and alarming. Having a Christian bible quote is nothing more that saying, “My religion is right and all others are wrong.” If that is incorrect, then why don’t they rotate religions (and non-belief) and have quotes every month? I’d be happy to provide the first Atheist quote: “Be good without God.”

  4. I was taking eggs out of the carton tonight and was pleasantly surprised to see a Bible scripture inside the lid. “This is the Day which the Lord has made; Let is rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24
    Thank you Goldhen Eggs

  5. I not only love the quality of the eggs but enjoy the scripture verses that are printed on the carton. Great way to start my day!

  6. The scripture verse encourages me every morning when I open the carton. Thank you!

  7. I’ve been so thrilled to see a bible verse inside the cover of your eggs. When there’s so much negativity in this world it’s uplifting seeing this in print. Even if there r some people who don’t agree, I think it’s a great addition to. This world. Thank you

  8. Are the eggs pasteurized?

    • They are not, and to our knowledge Aldi does not regularly carry pasteurized eggs. (When I need raw eggs for recipes I have to go elsewhere.)

    • Yes I totally agreed. I was thrilled to see the verse inside the eggs box. I was walking in my kitchen saying the verse talking to God. Here it was when I reached the box of eggs it was right in there. That was amazing

  9. Another positive comment about the Bible verse in your carton. I buy your eggs because of that even if I find them cheaper elsewhere. The eggs also seem to be larger than others, even if they are marked large. Thanks

  10. Christine Liccardi

    I was so pleased to see the verse I posted it on Facebook, calling it a good morning kiss from Jesus.

  11. I love the Bible verse inside the egg crate. I was getting ready to have a very hectic morning I’ll be at a good day, but to see that verse just really encouraged me and started my day off very happy

  12. my main concerns about aldis eggs if the chickens are humanely farmed. i will only buy when i know for sure the living condition for these chickens

  13. Does cage free mean free range??? Or are the chickens in a HUGE stuffy building running all over each other????

    • Cage free means the hens live inside a barn but not inside cages. Free range means they have access to the outdoors. The eggs in this review do not come from cage free or free range chickens.

  14. Thank, All good things come from God.

  15. Thank you so much for the Scripture verse inside the carton. In a world that seems to have forgotten God, it was such an encouragement to see.

  16. Many blessings and praise to goldenhen!!!! The eggs are wonderful. I love the bible verse….thank you!!!!

  17. Amen and thank you for the beautiful verse from The Psalms in my Goldhen egg carton. What a wonderful surprise! It is a verse I use as prayer on many many occasions, usually when I see something in nature that reminds me of our Lords many gifts we take for granted. How that simple verse pauses my day to reflect on our multitude of blessings. I am humbled and appreciative of your thoughtful gesture.

  18. An addendum to my previous message: I was prompted to write thanking you for the beautiful verse from the Psalms and neglected to tell you how delicious your eggs are! My husband and I both have remarked.. that is a very tasty egg! Best wishes from a happy, satisfied customer.

  19. Just thought I’d share a few thoughts 🙂
    1) You used the word “cheap” in the article above in connection with eggs as “low” or “inexpensive ” as 50 cents/doz… Your eggs are great, and not of poor quality, as the word “cheap” can infer. You should not describe your prices (or infer your Quality) as cheap.
    2) This is the real reason I accessed this site: Your carton, sitting on my stove top this morning, at first glance looks like “G LDHEN” as the “O” is barely visible, or not at all – except upon close inspection. This does not project the Quality of the product. I notice a much brighter “gold” on a paper sack from McDonald’s (Golden Arches).
    I suggest a brighter, more visible (perhaps even florescent) gold for the “O” on your cartons to project the Quality you produce and of which you are rightly proud.

  20. Love the verse. If you don’t like the verse don’t read it. It is so inspiring. Good way to start the day. The eggs are good also

  21. I am surprised by the number of Christin s who think it’s okay to put biblical quotes from a book that openly and repeatedly condones slavery inside an egg carton. Having a religious quote inside consumer packaging is insensitive, provocative, and alarming. I wonder what the Christians posting how great the Bible quote is would say if they saw a quote from the Quoran, or from the Shruti (Hindu)? Or if they saw an Atheist Quote, how would they reply here? We all know – with outrage and indignation. Which is how everyone else should see the Christina quotes in an egg carton at a grocery store. That way, the rest of us can tell them, “Well, if you don’t like it, go shop at another store.” (sarcasm, as those are the comments I’ve read from Christians, the supposedly moral and kind posters of comments on this thread)

    • Don’t bother to read it then..and you don’t have to buy this brand of eggs..that’s YOUR religious freedom!

    • And Joe..if what was written in the carton offended me that much I would go shop another store..MY religious freedom!

  22. I was cooking sausage and eggs and remembering how mom crisped up her patties when cooking breakfast for us. She passed away new years day this year. So my surprise to see the familiar scripture that she taught us inside the carton was like a hug and her being there in spirit! Made my day and week and I’ve shared it with my sisters and hubby! Thank you and may you and your family be continuely blessed!

  23. What a bright blessing to open the egg carton and find this beautiful Psalm. Not only are the eggs a great price and quality product, but we fully support your beliefs in free speech and freedom of religion.

  24. I don’t usually buy eggs at ALDI even though it is my preferred provider for almost any thing else I buy. If they offered the JUMBO size I could add eggs to my ALDI shopping list. That however has changed since I discovered the Bible verse inside the lid. I’ll learn to live with the LARGE size just so I can support a company that that has the integrity and courage to proclaim their Christian beliefs.

  25. So impressed with the scripture on the egg carton. Thanks for sharing the gospel Mr. Rust!

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