GRAPHIC: How Aldi is Structured

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We’ve interacted with many shoppers over the years, and we’ve found there are countless different ideas out there on how Aldi is structured, or how it relates to Trader Joe’s. In response, we’ve written about who owns Aldi, the relationship between Aldi and Trader Joe’s, and even how Aldi is related to Lidl (hint: Aldi and Lidl are competing companies).

The above chart shows the way Aldi is structured. Technically “Aldi” is not one, but two separate companies. They’re called Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd, and they mostly avoid competing with each other. The two companies have divided Germany up, with Aldi Nord operating in northern Germany and Aldi Süd operating in southern Germany. In addition, the two companies have split up what countries they operate in. Aldi Süd, for example, has Aldi stores in the English-speaking countries.

Aldi Nord in blue, Aldi Süd in orange. (Credit: Wikimedia)

Trader Joe’s is a bit of an oddity because it was purchased by Aldi Nord in 1979 and, according to a Trader Joe’s representative, it operates independently of Aldi Nord. But it’s nevertheless part of the Aldi family tree, too.

Now you know.

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