Missing in Action 2.0: Our Aldi Regular Buy Wish List

Aldi, being a low-inventory grocer, has limits on what it can stock. Last year we profiled a few items that Aldi doesn’t carry in its Regular Buy stock, but that we wish it did. Since then, we’ve actually discovered some of those things on Aldi’s shelves, and we’ve come up with a few new items we wish the store carried.

So here is our second annual list of things we wish Aldi carried:


This powder that serves as a liquid thickening agent is a staple for cooking, particularly for sauces and gravies. It can sometimes be substituted, but we wish Aldi kept some on hand alongside the likes of flour and other baking supplies.

Dental Floss

This is a holdover from our first list. We have repeatedly lamented the absence of this basic dental hygiene staple, especially given that 1) Aldi already carries toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash and 2) this is something that would take up so little space.

Diced Green Chilies

This is a more niche item, but there are a number of recipes that call for diced green chilies, including chili, enchiladas, casseroles, and cheese dips. We haven’t seen them in our stores. Those little cans wouldn’t take up a lot of space.


Not long ago, I found myself in need of a few grocery products, plus a bag of ice. Everything I needed on my list I could get at Aldi except for the ice. I know that ice takes up a lot of space and is usually kept in a cabinet separate from other food products, but a few 7-pound bags would be wonderful.

Lasagna Noodles

Aldi keeps a pretty good stock of pastas and pasta sauces, but for some strange reason they don’t carry lasagna noodles as a Regular Buy. (We do see them occasionally as a Special Buy.) If you want traditional lasagna, you can get just about everything else you need from Aldi, but not the noodles.

Mild Con Queso

Aldi does carry con queso cheese, but it’s medium heat. If that’s too much heat for you, the only other option at the grocer is a mild cheese sauce, to which you’d have to add your own seasonings. We wouldn’t mind seeing Aldi carry a solid mild con queso dip for people who want the flavor without the medium burn.

Sugar Snap Peas

We really like the Aldi fresh produce section, and we know they can only stock so much. That said, sugar snap peas appear only infrequently, and we’d like to see them more often.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Aldi carries a few basic housecleaning products, including antibacterial wipes. Lately, the store has even offered some name-brand Lysol toilet cleaner and Scrubbing Bubbles general bathroom cleaner as Special Buys (ALDI Finds). Aldi doesn’t, however, carry its own house brand toilet cleaner. Given that Aldi is a grocer first and foremost, this is maybe a little more forgivable, but we still wouldn’t mind seeing some stuff to scrub the toilet in the store.

Window Cleaner

Until recently, Aldi used to carry a Windex-style window cleaner as a Regular Buy. It appears, however, that the store has since discontinued it. We don’t doubt that this was a business decision, but it’s one less cleaning product you can get from the grocer.

Honorable Mention:

Toasted ravioli and Holiday teas. The first is a Special Buy in most markets (and a Regular Buy in a few), while the second is a Special Buy nationwide. We understand why Aldi chooses to limit when it showcases these, but not everyone does; we regularly receive e-mails and comments from readers asking us for help tracking these down.

Have any other ideas on your wish list? Think one of the items above is a Regular Buy in your area? Let us know in the comments.





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  1. Aldi’s Mahi Mahi is killer good and reasonably priced at I think $5.89 per 16 oz. package. Problem is they rarely ever have it. Same for their toffee ice cream bars….super good but a seasonal item. They’re cheap too $1.99 for 12.

  2. During holidays, they have Gouda and Swiss (I think) Potato Cheese Crackers. They look like a small square of swiss cheese, puffed, so super crunchy! Would love to see these more often!

  3. At least 1 motorize cart for the disabled

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