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Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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To say that the 2020 coronavirus pandemic has changed the face of retail is a vast understatement. From adjusted hours to regular store policy changes, nothing is the same. Aldi, like everyone else, has had to reinvent what it does, including prioritizing what it focuses its floor space on. The Aldi Find section, for example, has been in a state of flux, at times shrinking as Aldi tries to meet staple demand.

In recent weeks, the Aldi Finds section has expanded again, but we’ve also seen a shift in what is stocked. Most Aldi Finds, nowadays, are about carrying on at home in the midst of social distancing. Not all, though: some Aldi Finds are about continuing to live outside the home, too.

One recent Aldi Find was a product that has come to symbolize life in 2020: a face mask. Aldi not only is now requiring customers to wear one, but Aldi also sells them.

What We Know:

Aldi Disposable Face Masks 1

These disposable face masks are an Aldi Find, which means they’re only in stores for a limited time. They run $29.99 for 50 face masks. These are a little on the expensive side compared to disposable face masks we’ve seen elsewhere. The box says these are made in China.

According to the package, these are single-use disposable face masks and are described as being for “non-medical” use. They claim to be made of a 3-layer non-woven material, with elastic ear loops and an internal wire for a customized fit around the nose. (In our experience, nose wires can help cut down on fogging up glasses.)

Aldi Disposable Face Masks Aldi Disposable Face Masks 2

What We Don’t Know:

Given that these are meant to be personal protective equipment, it’s nice to know as much as we can about these masks. Strangely, there is a lot we don’t know. We don’t know who makes them, other than the country of origin. We know they have three layers, but we don’t know what those layers are. And that means we don’t know exactly how protective they can be.

Do you have experience with these masks? Let us know in the comments. Just be sure to be mindful of our Community Guidelines.

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