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Last Updated on November 26, 2023

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Updated for 2023. 

With the holiday hosting season upon us, some home cooks may be looking to offer more to their guests than just traditional turkey or ham. Perhaps a charcuterie board would fit the bill. Or an indoor s’mores party. For something fun and fancy, maybe a raclette grill or a fondue set.

Aldi is selling both a raclette grill and a fondue set.

Most people are familiar with the concept of fondue. Originating in Switzerland, traditionally, you melted cheese in a small communal pot (called a caquelon) that was kept hot over a special device. Then you used long-stemmed utensils to dip small bits of bread into the cheese. Fondue began gaining popularity in the U.S. in the mid-twentieth century and now might also include dipping fruit or small pieces of pastry in melted chocolate. The concept of fondue was further expanded and popularized with restaurants such as the Melting Pot, where diners can enjoy full multi-course dinners with cheese fondue, meats dipped in various sauces, and chocolate fondue for dessert.

What you may be less familiar with is a raclette grill. In keeping with the Swiss theme with the fondue set, raclette is a type of cheese from Switzerland that is melted on a special tabletop grill and then scraped onto foods such as bread, potatoes, or veggies. The grill usually has specific spaces on a lower level for melting cheese while the top of the grill is for cooking vegetables, meats, and other foods to pair with the cheese.

Both fondue sets and raclette grills promote a festive, party-like atmosphere with everyone gathered around a table or countertop island as they create their own customized meals. Let’s take a closer look at what Aldi is offering.

What We Know:

Ambiano Electric Fondue Set

The 2022 Ambiano Electric Fondue Set.

The Ambiano Electric Raclette Grill or Fondue Set (Product Code: 811548 in 2022; Product Code: 828310 in 2023) cost $24.99 in November of 2023. That’s $15 less than the $39.99 it cost in November of 2022. This is another time I’ve seen Aldi reduce prices on certain Aldi Finds in 2023.

That’s also within the lower range of prices for raclette grills and fondue sets on Amazon, depending on the size of the grill of fondue set and how many features it has. I found some raclette grills as low as $31 at the time of writing, while other raclette grills go as high as $100 and might come with a fondue pot as well. Fondue sets on Amazon can be simple $20 sets that are heated with tea lights, or you can find electric sets that range from $30 into the $100s depending on what size and features you prefer.

Ambiano Electric Raclette Grill

The 2022 Ambiano Electric Raclette Grill.

These are both Aldi Finds, so they’re only in stores for a short time. Each store gets one shipment, and after they sell out, they’re gone unless Aldi decides to bring them back at some point. Aldi doesn’t offer online ordering for products not in stock at your local store.

These are sold under the Ambiano brand, which is not a separate company but rather is the private label Aldi uses for kitchen- or cooking-related products. Other things we’ve seen recently under the Ambiano label include an air fryer, an electric pour over kettle, and a single serve coffee maker.

Here’s more information about the 2023 products, according to Aldi.

Raclette Grill:

  • Includes 8 pans with nonstick coating and cool-touch handles
  • Hotplate made of die-cast aluminum and stone
  • Offers variable temperature selection and operation control light
  • Features non-slip feet for stability

Fondue Pot:

  • Includes 8 stainless steel forks and stainless steel pot
  • Large capacity: approx. 1.4L (49 oz.)
  • Features cool-touch handles for safe and easy use
  • Offers adjustable temperature control with red indicator light

The Aldi website does not state that these come with a warranty. However, the page for these products lists contact information for Protel, a common Aldi warranty service provider.

What We Don’t Know:

We haven’t yet tried either of these sets, so we don’t know how easy they are to use, how well they work, or how they hold up to use. We write open threads so readers can have a space to talk about various Aldi products.

Did you purchase the Ambiano Electric Raclette Grill or Fondue Set? Tell us what you think of them in the comments below.

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  1. I just got the fondue set for $6.25 @ my local Aldi in IL.

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