Open Thread: Easy Home 2-Pack LED Anywhere Lights

Last Updated on July 9, 2023

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Lighting is one of those things that you don’t want to think much about but you really need. An underlit room can be a dreary place, but it also makes for problems like eyestrain or the risk of tripping over whatever hazards might be on the floor in front of you.

For most people, there are two major options for lighting a room: either a lamp or other fixture plugged into a socket, or a ceiling-mounted light that’s wired in. But what if you don’t have either? What if you’re in a room with poorly placed sockets or no ceiling illumination? Or what if you just need a little extra light in a corner?

Battery-powered lights are a solution, but they’re not exactly stylish. I probably wouldn’t put my camping lantern in my office corner, for example. Instead, I’d prefer something that looks like it is supposed to be there.

Aldi has a little solution.

What We Know:

Easy Home 2-Pack LED Anywhere Lights 5Easy Home 2-Pack LED Anywhere Lights (Product Code: 703106) are an Aldi Find, which means they’re only in stores for a limited time. They’re $12.99 for the two-pack, which is about par for the price of lights like these. The lights are backed by a 1-year warranty, serviced by Eurocentra (Wuensche USA), a common Aldi warranty provider. The lights includes batteries and hardware.

According to Aldi, these lights’ features include:

  • Rotatable and detachable from magnetic base
  • Easy to install; no wiring or outlets required
  • Equipped with 22 LED lights
  • Motion activated with timer or manual ON/OFF

What We Don’t Know:

This is the first time we’ve seen these particular lights, so we don’t know how they work, including how they do in terms of staying where they’re supposed to. We also don’t know how long they last on a set of batteries.

Do you have experience with these lights? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Just purchased and and installed them. One in the hallway and one in the bathroom. So far so good they are working as they should when placed on auto motion sensor. The light output for the two chosen areas is tremendous. As long as I’m moving the one in the bathroom.

    What I don’t know is how long it will last. Longevity of battery life would be the ultimate measure of satisfaction for me.

  2. I just installed one under a sink and it does not turn on when I open the door. It is set to “auto”. Worthless piece of junk.

  3. Just bought these and installed them. They do no come on automatically with movement. Even when you jump up and down they don’t work. These lights are not worth the money. I would never recommend them to anyone.

    • There are two switch settings on these. one to set both outer ring light and center light. The other is for off, on and auto.

  4. I just finally installed these in my closet and wish I had bought a second set. Easy to install with sticker provided (came with screws also). They are nice and bright and come on as soon as I put my hand in front of it (I had to put it high over the accordion door opening so doesn’t notice motion of door opening). And they shut off quick enough to not kill the battery. I love them!

  5. Put them in our screen house at our campground. Wish I had bought more! We get to the campground late at night and no more using my flashlight on my phone to unlock the door. If they ever offer these again I will grab 2 more sets.

  6. Well I’m glad they worked for some people. I wanted them in cabinets for my dad who has macular degeneration but they just did not work when the door opened and you reached in. Maybe it’s an intermittent production problem. Cheers.

    • I also thought that might motion sensor portion was broke and did not work. However I found that I had to be in a pitch black room in order for it to turn on and then they worked perfectly. They won’t work if there’s light in the room. I put mine under my sink inside my kitchen cabinet. The light goes on as soon as I Open the cabinet door.

  7. I had them in the cabinet under the sink so it seemed dark under there when the door was closed. The light in the bathroom was on and when I opened the cabinet door nothing happened when I reached in. Maybe the bathroom has to be in complete darkness but that would defeat the purpose of having light for my dad to include reaching into the cabinet. Thanks for the thought though.

  8. Bought them for our screenhouse at or campground. LOVE them! Praying Aldi brings them back I want another set for the screenhouse and a set for my home!

  9. Just installed two in my pantry. While they don’t come on automatically in the daytime, just put your palm over the face (so it thinks it is dark), the little lights come on immediately. They do come on instantly with motion when it is night and actually dark. Nice and bright. They go off promptly within 20 seconds. Very pleased so far. Greatly superior to what I had before which was not nearly so well put together.

  10. I cannot get them open to put the battery in how do you open them

  11. Bought 2 boxes of 2 units each. Great idea however, auto function does not work on any of the lights. This is the main reason I purchased for a dark closet
    I wish Aldi would test these products before selling to their loyal customers
    Very disappointed

  12. Purchased 2-2packs s d that was less than 45dsys. 2 are no longer working. Changed 3 sets of new batteries and it still doesn’t work. A waste of money!!!! Very disappointed 😞

  13. Bought em. Installed em. LOVE em! been working for 2 months so far with no dimness on original batteries. WPant to buy more but can’t find them.

  14. I purchased a box of these, love love love them. They were perfect and last a long time. They have the 360 turn and stay put so far-at least 2 months. Highly recommend and hope Aldi gets more in

  15. I absolutely love them. I wish I would have bought more. They are in my closets and come on when it’s dark and they sense movement. I hope they have them soon again.

  16. I wish I had bought more. these lights have been great and I want to put them in other places. I hope Aldi’s brings them back or some other store starts to sell them !!

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