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People have all kinds of reasons for going dairy free. It might be because they are lactose intolerant, or because they are pursuing a more vegan lifestyle. Regardless of the reasons, almond milk has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional cow’s milk.

The same is true of coffee creamers. Milk creamers can be a problem for those same people. In addition, non-dairy creamers like the ones Aldi sells contain milk extracts like sodium caseinate, which can be a problem for people with milk allergies, not to mention an issue for vegans.

So there’s no surprise that, with all the talk of going fully dairy free, Aldi has come out with an almond milk creamer.

Friendly Farms Caramel Almond Milk

Friendly Farms Almond Milk Creamer is a Regular Buy, meaning it is available in stores all the time. (It’s also achieved some international recognition, as it was a finalist in the 2019 World Dairy Innovation Awards.) It comes in two flavors, caramel and vanilla. The options are a bit more limited for dairy free than for Aldi’s regular dairy creamers, but these are two popular flavors.

This review covers the caramel flavor.

In my area, in the Northeast, the almond milk creamer is $2.99 for a 16-ounce bottle (18.6 cents an ounce). Aldi’s non-dairy coffee creamer is $1.99 for a 32-ounce bottle (6.2 cents an ounce), making almond milk more expensive. However, compared to Califia Farms Almond Milk Creamer, which runs $4.89 for 25 ounces (19.5 cents an ounce) at Target, Aldi’s almond milk is a superior deal. I actually like that Aldi gives you a bit less of the product because I can try more flavors and rarely do I ever finish an entire bottle of creamer!

[EDITOR’S NOTE: in the Midwest, almond milk creamer currently runs $1.99 for a 16-ounce bottle, or 12.4 cents an ounce. This is the same price as Aldi’s milk creamer, which is also $1.99 for a 16-ounce bottle. Here, Aldi’s non-dairy creamer is currently $1.79 for a 32-ounce bottle, or 5.5 cents an ounce.]

The nutrition facts between Aldi’s non-dairy and almond milk creamer are quite similar, with each coming in at 35 calories and 5-6 grams of sugar per tablespoon.

Nutrition information for the caramel almond milk creamer. (Click to enlarge.)

After brewing coffee for my boyfriend and myself, we thoroughly enjoyed the caramel creamer. We couldn’t notice a taste difference between this dairy-free creamer and a dairy one. For me personally, it was a little too sweet, but that may be because of the caramel. Keep in mind that I usually add a splash of whole milk to my morning coffee, and no sugar. My boyfriend thought it was delicious and said he would gladly finish the rest.

The one thing we did agree on is that it does taste like regular caramel creamer (especially like the ones from Dunkin Donuts Caramel Lattes). So if you have a sweet tooth and want to decrease your dairy intake, this affordable delight is the one for you.

The Verdict:

If you are lactose intolerant or trying to cut dairy out of your diet, I would highly recommend this Friendly Farms Almond Milk Creamer. It not only tastes exactly like brand name almond milk creamer, but we think it tastes like dairy creamer, too. Pick it up on your next haul!

Sori is a graduate optometry student who adores Aldi.

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  1. Linda Bennett Foster

    I bought your friendly farms peppermint mocha almond milk creamer. No matter how long I shake it, it cuddles in my coffee. I bought two small bottles, brought it home, put it in the fridge. Tried it the next morning and it curdled. The expiration date is May 28 20. I don’t know if you’ve received other complaints but this will document if others have the same problem.

  2. Linda Bennett Foster

    I didn’t expect you to do anything. I wanted you to know your product had a problem, in case you need better quality control.
    Hope you figure it out

    • Linda … we’re not Aldi. This site isn’t run by Aldi. I don’t work for Aldi. It’s not our product. We’re an independent site that reviews Aldi products, but we’re not affiliated with Aldi.

      Again, you can contact Aldi through a page we’ve set up for people who want quick links to help them:

      Just understand that if you post it here, Aldi isn’t going to see it.

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