Open Thread: Huntington Home Memory Foam Mattresses

Aldi isn’t exactly a mattress store, but that hasn’t stopped the grocer from rolling out mattresses at various times.

What We Know:

Huntington Home Mattresses are an ALDI Find (Special Buy), which means Aldi only carries them for a short time. Aldi typically sells an 8″ mattress in the mid-to-late summer, as well as larger and more expensive 10″ king and queen memory foam mattresses in the fall.
The 8-inch twin mattress costs $119.99, which is the same price or less expensive than comparably sized mattresses we’ve seen at Amazon, Target, or Walmart. The 10-inch king and queen mattresses cost $249.99 and $279.99, which is also either the same price or less expensive than many of the same-sized mattresses we’ve seen at Amazon or Walmart. (We couldn’t find any 10-inch memory foam queen or king mattresses at Target.)
Of note: Aldi also has been known to sell a Bed Bug and Allergy Mattress Protector for $19.99.
All of Aldi’s memory foam mattresses, to date, have been manufactured by Soft-Tex, a company that makes mattresses and other sleep products for a wide range of retailers under a number of other labels, including SensorPEDIC, Therapedic, and SwissLUX. The mattresses use Certipur certified foam.
To date, the warranties for these mattresses have been long. The 8″ twin mattresses have 10-year warranties, while the larger 10″ king and queen mattresses have 20-year warranties. We’ve had the misfortune of sleeping in places with (non-Aldi) bad memory foam mattresses so we can appreciate the value of a warranty should it come to that.

What We Don’t Know:

There’s a few things we don’t know. We don’t know how soft or firm these mattresses are. We also don’t know how comfortable they are to sleep on, since we haven’t tested any of them to date. And, finally, we don’t have any experience with the warranty process on these mattresses, so we can’t speak to that, either.

Do you have experience with any of the Huntington Home memory foam mattresses? Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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  1. I sleep on an 8″ Aldi mattress acquired in 2015. My guest room guests sleep on an 8″ Aldi mattress acquired in 2018. The mattresses are quite firm. So firm that I ended up adding a 3″ gel memory foam topper to both. As the base for building the prefect bed, they’re a great start. Unless you like a firm mattress, assume you’ll need to add a topper for comfort. My guests rave about the guest bed. After 4 years sleeping on the first Aldi bed I purchased, I’m very satisfied. It’s still almost brand new – I think that’s partly owed to the topper since it bears the brunt of compression.

  2. I bought the 8 inch twin Huntington mattress and mattress cover at Aldi. Although somewhat softer than my old foam mattress it is very good. No more back or hip pain after sleeping awhile. It was a great price and so far a wonderful mattress. I would highly recommend these mattresses.

    • I habe an aldi mattress. Slept on for 5 yrs. Quite firm. Not too much. Love it! Not showing any signs of wear. Even with 2 large dogs in it too. Comes with removable matress cover. As needed. But with normal mattress protector it didnt need to come off. Smaller room. Was looking to see if I could get a twin! Love it.

  3. My mother bought one of these 8″ gel memory foam mattresses from Aldi this year for my daughter to sleep on while she visited for the better part of a month. I opened the mattress and put it on the bed and was surprised by the lack of odor and by how fast and even the mattress rose to full form. The zippered mattress cover was smooth and soft and the bottom was a soft rubber to prevent the mattress from slipping and sliding around. Overall for the price it can’t be beat. I wish they offered these year round because I would love to have a couple myself.

  4. I bought my first of these Aldi memory foam mattresses for a guest room in 10″ queen 4 years ago. Slept on it while sick so i didnt get my hubby sick. OMG! So comfortable! When they came out the next year i bought one in king for our bed, a twin for the other guest room and a queen for my son! When we upgraded our base to an adjustable bed, we sliced the king in half! Never been so comfortable. We both love it. He likes firm and i like soft and we BOTH love it!

  5. When do the queen&king size mattresses in stock? And are there ever any full-size ones? Thanks!

  6. When do the queen&king size mattresses in stock? And are there ever any full-size ones? Thanks!
    We bought a twin size one last year and love it as an extra bed for guests. Sometimes one of us will sleep on it just because it’s so good for our backs, which sometimes ache after sleeping on our old mattress. This bed is motivating us to replace our current mattress in favor of a bigger model of this.

    • I see them every year between september and november. Im in florida and they arrive here wednesday for next weeks sale! King and queen. Ive never seen full size. Cheers!

  7. I bought queen 10 inch last year. I’ve been ready to switch out for a new one 3months in. The stress of moving beds around has stopped me. It was great at first, seemingly firm. But this is no bed for a big person. I weigh 150 and after 3 months I noticed a significant sink in my waist area that forces me to now sleep in a c shape. I like sleeping on my stomach but as you can picture the back breaking position I’m in, I’m left to only face up. I wish I could get my 20 year old spring mattress back. To sort of fix my problem, I folded two eskimo blankets in fourths. Laid them down on the top half. A body pillow to my side then I have a neck pillow, roll pillow, true memory foam pillow and regular pillow at my disposal for when I need adjusting. I’ll last 5 hours with good sleep, then my back is soo sore I’m tossing w/o sleep the rest of the night. If I feel up to it I’ll take an ibuprofen. It’s 1:07 am now. I’m unable to sleep and decided to read reviews of people who maybe have the same problem. This is just my first… my husband whom only weighs 128lbs, his side is still almost like new which brings me back to assume it’s not for bigger people. I’m now thinking of you get what you pay for and I might pay for a sleep number. Or a good ol spring mattress. -bee

    • I had one from many years ago. It is still nice and firm. Bought a new one to replace it and am not as happy. I guess manufacturing has changed in the last 15 years.

      • Hi Curry, where did you get yours in 2020? I live in Texas and I have been waiting to see if Aldi will have the memory foam again

        • I got it last year in South Carolina. They only have them once a year and it seems like it is in the fall. I purchased the replacement but didn’t use it for awhile because my old one was fine. If I had opened it right away and still had the ticket I probably would have tried to return it. It is no where near the quality of the first one I had from years ago.

    • Yeah, we’ve had our queen for over 3 years and have zero issues as far as sinkage goes. Sounds like maybe you got a dud!

  8. I love my mattress. I have a queen. Got mine about 5 years ago, and paid 200.00. They’re a little more now, but well worth it in my opinion. I flip mine about every 4 months to avoid sinkage. I love how firm this mattress is.

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