Open Thread: Pembrook Cross Cut Paper Shredder

Aldi can be a good place to purchase office supplies, offering a rotating selection that includes writing desks and chairs, computer desks, shelving, lamps, organizers, cordless phones, laminators, charging stations, surge protectors, and even paper shredders.

Today, we’re taking a look at the Pembrook Cross Cut Paper Shredder.

What We Know:

Pembrook Cross Cut Paper Shredder

The Pembrook Cross Cut Paper Shredder sold for $39.99 in early March of 2020.

Aldi sold the same paper shredder for $34.99 in 2019 and 2018. In 2017, Aldi also sold a cheaper strip cut paper shredder for $11.99, although cross cut shredders are considered superior in terms of security because they cut documents into smaller pieces.

If you’d like to see the 2019 Pembrook Cross Cut Paper Shredder in action, there’s a YouTube video of an unboxing and testing of the product here. We also found a brief Reddit thread here discussing last year’s paper shredder.

The 2018 model came with a three-year warranty, but we don’t yet know what kind of warranty the 2020 model will have.

What We Don’t Know:

We have not used the Pembrook Cross Cut Paper Shredder, so we don’t know how well it works. We also don’t know yet what kind of warranty this year’s model comes with.

Do you have experience with Aldi’s Pembrook Cross Cut Paper Shredder? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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  1. I recently bought one and proceeded to shred a box of old papers. It stopped working after about 20 minutes. The blades were clogged. I had a hard time getting enough out for the blades to spin again. I assumed it clogged because I had failed to empty the bucket. So I tried again. I only shredded a few pieces at a time and watched the bucket to make sure it wasn’t overfilling. It didn’t take long before it clogged again, the bucket was only half full. This time I was unable to unclog it, or gave up after 15 minutes of trying. I would not recommend this product.

  2. I bought this shredder and it won’t turn on

  3. Clogs constantly. Unfortunately I spent more time unclogging than actually shredding.

  4. Mine won’t turn on- I have used it twice. This is ridiculous!

  5. I bought one and start to shredding it works fine producing good cross cut pieces then I start to get long shredded pierces motor start to slow down then almost stop.
    I look at bottom side of shredder their is shredded paper clogging all over
    to clear all that I turn reverse then all that clogged paper back up in feeding slot.
    I try to insert paper but slut are full of paper, I pull out all paper from feeding slut then start to shred again but they don’t produce nice cross cut and I constantly stop and clean the machine by hand to pull out paper.

  6. Worked great inserting single sheets, but after a couple weeks shut off for no apparent reason and power light went out. Can’t get it to work. Very disappointed. Do not recommend.

  7. Carefully followed instructions, didn’t run for more than 3 minutes continuously, only 1 or 2 sheets at a time. Jammed with the bin less than one quarter full. So disappointed. Pretty sure I’ve lost the receipt so it will just end up in the bin!

  8. Worked for about 10 mins clogged and then started smoking. Terrible product. do not reccomend

  9. I purchased the paper shredder in April 2020, I do not use it often due not much to shred. I tried using recently and it started slowing down then suddenly stopped feeding. I am able to reverse but it will not feed. I had to call Aldi customer service three times for them to finally tell me to send in the warranty. I agree with the issues mentioned about the the clogging. I have another brand that I bought 15 plus years ago that still works but I thought was time to update. I do not recommend this item. It was great when it worked but does not last very long.

  10. This shredder is jammed & will only operate in reverse mode. I’ll see how well their return or exchange policy is on the non-food items especially now during the pandemic

  11. Samantha Almeida

    I bought mine from Aldi and have used it a few times, it stopped shredding. I can see there is paper clogged but I cannot get it out and if I reverse it, it does not unclog the paper…so frustrating!!


  13. I have the same issues as everyone else. I purchased the Pembrook cross cut shredder and have used it twice. The first time I only had a few items to shred. Today was my 2nd time using it. I had quite a bit of paperwork to shred. At first I thought I was smelling burnt rubber. Before I could complete my shredding it stopped. I noticed a ton of paper had clogged the blades. Tried to remove as much as I could but still stuck and it will no longer turn on. The reverse is not even doing anything. Totally ridiculous to use twice and then dead.

  14. Terrible Terrible Terrible Paper shredder. It has been a waste of my money. I don’t understand why Aldi’s was selling it. They need to give all of us a refund of our money. I used mine about twice with up to 3 sheets of paper and then it died when I used 6 sheets of paper.

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